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Challenge Overview

In 1991 Panasonic first introduced the Creative Design Challenge (CDC), a premier science and technology competition where engineering and technical skills of New Jersey high school students are put to the test. In recognition of their hard work, winning teams are awarded special category prizes, as well as scholarships to be used exclusively for college expenses.

Panasonic's long-term partner in this program is the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). While the majority of program funding comes from Panasonic, NJIT makes significant contributions to this outreach event. Three NJIT student interns develop the Challenge, while NJIT staff score the written reports, as well as provide judges for the performance and oral presentations of the Challenge. In addition, NJIT lends its prestige as one of the top engineering universities in New Jersey.

The Challenge will require teams to apply a wide range of mechanical and electrical engineering, and mathematical skills to be successful. Teams will be judged on the quality of their written report, oral presentation, engineering logbook entries, as well as the performance of their apparatus.

All teams are encouraged to use environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. It is also expected that all teams will utilize proper safety procedures during the construction and testing of their apparatus for this competition.