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2015 Challenge Rules and Guidelines

The 2015 Challenge

Your Challenge is to design and construct a vehicle that can maneuver through the post-earthquake landscape to rescue survivors and extinguish fires.

Teams will be required to design and construct a device that has the ability to maneuver through an obstacle course and complete several tasks that are associated with a post-earthquake landscape, in a limited time period.

The tasks include:

Cross the unstable bridge OR navigate alternate route- The device must be able to cross a bridge that will tilt from side-to-side OR the device must travel around an alternate route over speed bumps.

Collect water- The device must be able to collect Ping-Pong balls (water buckets) from either the water tub (river) or the marble pit at the top of the hill.

Extinguish the fire- The device must be able to toss/place the Ping-Pong balls (water buckets) in a designated area to extinguish a fire.

Deliver first aid kits and survivor to safety- The device must be able to unhook a basket and send it down a zip line with a Lego person and first aid kits inside.

Save injured survivor- The device must be able to pick up a plastic egg (injured survivor) and air drop it to safety into a specified target zone.