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2015 Challenge Questions


expand I understand that the CDC team must consist of three members, however my question is: during the preliminary and final challenges, can our school take a few more students to observe?
expand Is there a restriction on what grade the students are from. Do all team members have to be from one grade level or can students be from all four hs grade levels to participate?
expand I know that only 3 students can participate in the challenge, but can more than 3 students work on the design with the understanding that only 3 students with represent the team at the actual competition?


expand Can we switch between black and blue ink in the Log Book?
expand In the logbook, do we need the "Project Number" as identified in the top right of each page?
expand We need clarification on who signs the logbook pages specifically the "disclosed to and understood by" and the "witness" sections.
expand What should we have in our table of contents? I'm not sure what to write.
expand I have a question regarding the logbook. The team did nearly all of their design in AutoCAD before building the project. They have about 50 to 60 color print pages of components, exploded views, side views, and isometric views. The concern they and I have is that taping these into the logbook will consume a large percentage of the pages. A thought I had was to reduce the size of the prints so two will fit on a single page. They are concerned that the text on the diagrams would be too small to read and much of the detail would be lost. They were wondering if the AutoCAD pages could be treated as a insert with numbered pages and referred to as such during the written portion of the journal. Please advise as to what you feel is the best solution to this new issue.

expand We are concerned that we may run out of room in the official logbook. We have noticed that we have wasted a lot of space simply by "ending the day" and crossing out the rest of the page. To save space, can we just draw a horizontal line to denote the end of an entry? In the event that we do run out of space in the official logbook, could we attach extra sheets of paper?

expand After having our inner school competitions where each team kept their own logbook, how should the winners transfer their information to the official CDC logbook?

expand I have some older Brown logbooks. Can I use these for my in-school preliminary competition and then submit it instead of the Blue book you supplied this year. This way we could save time transcribing all of the entries.