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Past Challenges
2014 - PanaD.R.I.V.E.

Design and construct a device that is able to use an energy source other than a traditional motor and battery to power the device through the driving landscape and must perform tasks along the way. Tasks include, ability to deposit a marble into a designated toll area, be able to travel up an incline, across a grated surface, and down a decline, successfully steer around a bend, avoiding pedestrians who are near the crosswalk, come to a complete stop in the designated area, steer through construction obstacles including puddles and a filled pothole, then cross over a small gap in the pavement, ruts in the road and speed bumps, flip a switch to open the garage door, turn into and stop in either a parking garage - enclosed space or a parking spot.
2014 Final Challenge Winning Teams
2014 Challenge Demo Video

2013 - Panatown

Design and construct a "Green Machine" that will be able to propel itself into Panatown in an "off-the-grid" fashion, meaning without using battery or electric power, and perform a variety of tasks "on-the-grid" to make Panatown the most environmentally friendly in the nation. These tasks will include completing a variety of "green" tasks, including traveling in an "off-the-grid" fashion; closing a water valve to conserve water; spinning a wind turbine as a source of alternative energy; planting trees to offset a carbon footprint; installing a solar panel as a form of alternative energy; turning off lights to conserve energy; and sorting/recycling garbage in town.

2013 Final Challenge Winning Teams

2012 - Mars 3000

Design and construct a device that is able to maneuver through an obstacle course and perform several tasks that are associated with Mars exploration and research. Tasks include: survive the drop to Mars, maneuver out of a crater, navigate through difficult terrain, retrieve materials found in crater, travel blindly through a tunnel and activate light switch, transport and drop off materials into space craft.
2012 Final Challenge Winning Teams

2011 - Wildfire Response & Rescue

Design and construct a device that has the ability to maneuver through an obstacle course and complete several tasks that are associated with a wildfire response and rescue mission, which includes crossing through water; pulling down a fire alarm lever; retrieving one Lego person, and bringing the Lego person to a safe zone in the tunnel.

2010 - The Recycling "Pana" Plant for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Design and construct a device that has the ability to sort marbles, wooden squares, water bottle caps, nails, and batteries into separate recycling bins, based upon a real life occurrence called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is a large body of floating debris trapped in the central North Pacific Ocean and estimated to be twice the size of Texas.

2009 - Beach Sweeps

Design and construct a device that can clean up our shores by 1) picking up and sorting plastics and metals, 2) powering and lighting a (solar panels), 3) planting sea grass into dunes, and 4) moving an artificial coral reef into the ocean. All of these tasks are based upon real life initiatives that are used to improve our environment.

2008 - Murky Waters

Design and construct a device that can pick up LEGO® people, descend into the "Murky Waters," traverse different terrains and surface areas, and climb various ramps.

2004 - The Great Divide

Design and construct a device or devices that can pick up various balls, climb a ramp, cross the Great Divide and place the balls in a specified area.

2003 - BotSketBall

Robotic basketball players will demonstrate their ability to quickly and accurately obtain and shoot ping-pong balls into the baskets of the Panasonic miniature BOTSKETBALL court. Strategy and design are key issues because shots from different parts of the court and into different baskets will earn different point values!

2002 - Basic Training

Build a device capable of maneuvering through a basic training obstacle course representing "Boot Camp" type events.

2001 - Winter Triathlon

Construct three (3) devices capable of conveying a standard ping-pong ball through a course representing three Winter Olympic events.

2000 - The Great Paneverest Challenge

Construct a device capable of scaling a height and negotiating various types of surfaces to plant a flag at the top of "Mt. Paneverest".

1999 - R. A. T. S. - Robotics for the Advancement of Trooper Safety

Construct a device that can negotiate the various surfaces found in a typical house, retrieve a disposal canister, place it over an stash of illegal fireworks, and exit the house.

1998 - The Bermuda Triangle Rescue

Construct a device capable of rescuing "Agent Bob" and portions of his damaged spy plane from an island in the Bermuda Triangle in the shortest possible time and with the fewest errors.

1997 - Span the Gap

Constuct a device capable of moving an object across a six-foot gap in the shortest amount of time.

1996 - Dante II

Recover the stranded space capsule.

1995 - Dante I

Descend into a volcano to get an ore sample.

1994 - Solar-powered vehicle

Reach the target height and intersect the laser beam.

1993 - Egg-a-naut

Build a device to carry an egg up a 30-foot rope and return unharmed.

1992 - Recycling machine

Separate a cubic foot of mixed materials into individual bins.

1991 - Wheel-less vehicle

Achieve maximum distance in a fixed time.