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History of Corporate Social Responsibility
In 1989, to further enhance the corporation's business growth and increasing prominence in North America, Panasonic introduced a formal corporate contributions outreach program. The program established annual levels for spending, targeted categories for giving, and provided opportunities for active employee volunteer participation.
From its inception to the present, Panasonic has made a commitment, not simply to provide financial support to a diverse group of community organizations, but to also establish a formal corporate outreach program created to provide the corporation with "one face" for all of its outreach initiatives and programs.
Today, we continue to direct considerable corporate resources to organizations that meet our program criteria in the primary categories of education and community relations/social welfare, including our signature programs. Our corporate outreach encourages us to seek partnerships that transcend differences in race, culture, age or gender.
In addition, Panasonic employees have given countless hours towards our corporate outreach activities. The thousands of employees whose personal commitment and dedication to our program is one of the most significant and visible contributions we offer to any worthy cause.
We are confident that in some small way our corporate outreach efforts, in conjunction with the corporation's overall business and diversity goals and objectives, have made a difference in the lives of those we have touched and that making a difference will continue to be synonymous with the name Panasonic.