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Konosuke Matsushita Philosophy
Panasonic's Philosophy of Giving
It is part of the philosophy of the founder of our company, Konosuke Matsushita, that "a company is a public institution. Hence, it exists for the society, is supported by the society and has to walk hand in hand with the society". That philosophy continues to guide us in our outreach.
In all of our efforts we are guided by an additional goal, that of fostering and enhancing a different image of Panasonic. Most people know Panasonic as a manufacturer and marketer of high tech electronic products. Through our outreach, we want to show the side of Panasonic that says we are a company that cares about the communities where we do business. A company that uses its resources, its employees, its products and its facilities to help the residents in our communities.
Panasonic does not just make grants to non-profits. We get involved with them. We visit their facilities, get to know the people and, wherever possible, we get our most important resource, our employees, involved.
If our funding of local non-profits makes it easier for them to do their work and accomplish their mission, then our partnership is successful. We believe that our contributions of cash, product, volunteers, time and facilities to community groups directly correlates with improvements in those communities where our employees live and where we do business.
Everything that we do in the areas of outreach makes a difference to someone, whether it's one student, a school, a nursing home, a hospital, an orphanage, a disability group, a theater, a minority group, a civic organization...and making that difference is why we are involved.