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Disaster Relief

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Disaster Relief Programs
Corporate Outreach Programs has been coordinating Panasonic Corporation of North America’s (PNA) response to disaster relief efforts since 1989.
In the United States PNA's outreach has been directed to natural disasters including Hurricane Hugo (PR), Northridge earthquake (CA), Hurricane Katrina (LA) and of course, the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States.
In addition, PNA has supported global disaster relief efforts of Panasonic Japan including the Kobe earthquake (Japan), the tsunami (Southeast Asia) and the China earthquake.
With recent disaster relief efforts, Panasonic has partnered with the American Red Cross to implement an on-line service for employee donations.
PNA employees have and continue to generously donate personal funds in support of the corporation’s disaster relief efforts. Our donations total several million dollars in cash and/or company products when combined with other Panasonic locations globally.