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Galluadet University (Washington DC)
Founded in 1992, New Jersey SEEDS is a privately-funded, statewide, non-profit organization. New Jersey SEEDS (Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication, and Success) provides educational opportunities for motivated, high achieving students of modest means. SEEDS programs include advanced academic classes, cultural enrichment opportunities and leadership training to help students gain admission to top schools and thereby realize their full potential. SEEDS encourage their alumni to be leaders who give back to the community. To date, over 1000 NJ SEEDS alumni are currently excelling in competitive independent secondary schools, colleges and universities across the country.
Panasonic has been supporting NJ SEEDS since 2002 by providing a grant to support scholarships for students to meet the financial requirements to attend private, academically advanced schools. Panasonic has also been the host site for the NJ SEEDS internship fair. This event provided over 125 students the opportunity to attend various workshops facilitated by business professionals that included employees from Panasonic, as well interact with approximately 25 companies who participated in the fair.
Beginning in 2008, the Corporate Outreach Programs Department launched a summer internship program for six interns to work at PNA HQ in New Jersey. Six college students who are NJ SEEDS Alumni were hired for 10 weeks to work in various departments including Corporate Outreach Programs, EEO & Diversity, Engineering, Web and Internet Services and Marketing for the laptop company. In addition to their daily departmental duties, the interns participated in workshops on networking, job interviewing and effective resume writing. They also had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with several Panasonic executives including the Chairman and CEO, the Chief Operating Officer and the Vice President of Human Resources to name a few.