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Guidelines Overview
Program Goals:
  • Enhance Panasonic reputation in providing quality and unique educational experiences and programs in its HQ's regional area (Northeast region including NY/NJ/CT/PA)
  • Leverage limited funding
  • Improve R.O.S.I. (Return on Social Investment)
  • Increase employee volunteerism
  • Identify programs that provide opportunities for linkage between existing and on-going initiatives and/or the Panasonic Foundation, for the purpose of leveraging corporate resources
  • Brand value enhancement
  • Develop and implement programs that are consistent with Panasonic Japan’s Corporate Social Responsibility goals and objectives
  • Develop and implement programs that have potential for long-term growth and expansion and can be replicated
  • Incorporation of vendors / customers / business partners when feasible to leverage limited resources
  • Allow for linkages with “charities of influence” – balance of regional–vs-national programs
  • Identify programs and efforts that are important to our customer base and that can influence spending habits of consumers (cancer, heart disease, environment)