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Kid Witness News (KWN) is a hands-on video education program with an emphasis on team-centered learning that encourages students to develop valuable cognitive, communication and organizational skills through the use of state-of-the-art, high definition video technology. Panasonic provides students, grades 4 -12 (age 18 and under), with the latest digital equipment so that they can communicate stories that are important to them and their communities. Although KWN includes students from schools across the country, the messages in their videos have common themes. They include such issues as the environment, peer pressure and drug prevention just to name a few. Through the production of videos, students are able to share "The World Through Their Eyes".

To remain active in the KWN program, a KWN Team must submit two videos, one inspired by each of the following categories: Social Issues (5 minutes) and The Environment (1 minute PSA). All Social Issue videos that are submitted will be considered for the KWN "New Vision Awards" competition. All Environmental PSAs that are submitted will be considered in a separate competition under the Panasonic Eco-Effect Program.

A team of students and faculty from a local NY/NJ College will serve as preliminary judges in the 1st round judging process. Videos are then submitted for a second round judging by a panel of highly respected professionals from the broadcasting/film industry who will determine the top winning videos.

Winning teams from across the country will be flown to the NY/NJ area to participate in "Winners' Weekend"- a weekend of activities celebrating their accomplishments and to receive top honors at the New Vision Awards ceremony.

Winning teams will also receive a trophy and banner to hang prominently in their school, as well as recognition on the KWN website. The New Vision Award for "Best Video of the Year" will be submitted to represent the U.S. in the KWN Global Competition managed by Panasonic Japan. Panasonic launched KWN in New Jersey in 1989. Today, 622 schools worldwide participate in KWN program. Panasonic, in conjunction with local public school systems, supports KWN teams in 75 participating schools in the U.S. and 29 countries internationally.


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