2 in 1 Garment Iron NI-FS900



Convenience of Garment Iron & beautiful finish of Steam iron

• 2 in 1 Ironing and Steaming
• High temperature steam
• Automatic Steam Shut Off
• 3-Level steam adjustment
• 100-min Continuous steam
• Detachable, easy fill water tank (2 L)
• Anti-scald, flexible and slender hose
• Anti-Calcium System




2 in 1 Garment Iron
can handle both easily
and elaborately.

Easy to remove wrinkles

You can quickly refresh wrinkly clothes even before leaving the house.

Approx.60 seconds Quick start

Even in your busy time such as before leaving home,
Panasonic 2 in 1 Garment Iron's quick start will enable you
to refresh your clothes easily and quickly.

Beautiful finish

You can use unique steamer head as like conventional steam iron, and make beautiful creases for formal clothes such as slacks, suits etc.

Gentle to delicate fabric

2 in 1 Garment Iron can control proper steam amount with
adjuster on the handle. You can easily remove wrinkles
without damage to important clothes.

About 100 minutes continuous steam

Thanks to large capacity of water tank, you can refresh a
lot of your clothes without refilling water tank.

Automatic pause steam switch

Steam stops when the steamer head is placed into the
Steamer holder. Steam resumes when the steamer head
is lifted.

Stable high temperature
steam by unique structure
enables less leakage.

Panasonic 2 in 1 Garment Iron generates steam in
steamer head, that result in stable, less leakage high
temperature steam.

For Various clothes

User friendly accessories


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2 in 1 Ironing and Steaming
60 seconds Quick Start
3-Level Steam Adjustment


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