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JS-925WS Lite-ray

JS-925WS Lite-ray

JS-925WS Lite-ray

12”/15” Electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) system

* PC-based open platform
* Compact and user friendly
* Fanless design
* Energy and cost efficient
* Optional function and security features

JS-925WS Lite-ray


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The Lite-ray EPOS workstation is designed to work hard for your business

Based on Panasonic’s industry-leading ‘Stingray’ EPOS, the new Lite-ray is engineered to provide the features you need for virtually any application. This compact point-of-sale system combines high-performance features, a durable design and optional security features in one cost-efficient package.

High performance PC-based open platform

The Lite-ray system is an open platform, capable of accommodating virtually any point-of-sale software from any industry. Lite-ray also supports Microsoft Windows, including both standard and embedded platforms along with Linux.

Compact design with user-friendly features

The compact size and all-in-one design of this EPOS system eliminates clutter and saves counter space, which can increase profits by creating more room for point-of-sale retail displays. The Lite-ray also incorporates user-friendly features like adjustable viewing angles and anti-glare backlighting to allow faster order taking in any busy commercial enterprise.

Reliable in any environment

Dust and debris are not circulated through the interior of the Lite-ray, thanks to a fanless design with fewer moving parts. This ensures a lower failure rate than fan-based units. The Lite-ray is also built to withstand spills, static, dust, dirt, shock, grease, extreme temperatures and humidity, making it durable and reliable even in severe environments.

Eco Ideas reduce power consumption

Save money and contribute to resource conservation with the Lite-ray’s ultra-low power consumption. Using an Intel Atom CPU, the Lite-ray reduces electric power consumption, improves performance and achieves a 10% power-saving against previous models.

Optional function and security features for increased satisfaction

The Lite-ray’s outstanding feature and security options make this unit the smart choice for POS applications. Optional display configurations can increase your service and profit options, while security and data concerns can be addressed via a number of innovative optional features.


JS-925WS Lite-ray
PC-based open platform
Compact and user friendly
Fanless design


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