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HIT® Premium Solar Panel

* HIT® 235 Watt photovoltaic module (Europe model)
* 18.6% module efficiency delivers more energy per square metre
* Outstanding performance, even in very hot temperatures
* Anti-reflection coated glass and new tab design traps more sunlight
* Lightweight, attractive panels backed by outstanding warranties



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Invest in the future of your home with premium HIT® 235 Watt solar panel technology

Harnessing the infinitely renewable energy source of solar power is one of the best decisions you will ever make. In addition to reducing your own carbon footprint, installing solar panels will reduce your dependence on energy companies and save you a bundle on your power bills. Before you make this excellent investment, remember that not all solar panels are created equal. To really get one of the most efficient energy solutions, you need Panasonic HIT® solar panels. Not only do they outperform conventional panels to deliver more energy but they are also backed by our incredible 25-year performance and 10-year product workmanship warranty – so you know we offer quality that will stand the test of time.

HIT® delivers more energy per square metre than conventional panels

The more power you source from solar, the less traditional electricity you will consume. Naturally, the key to getting the best value lays in your solar panel’s performance, otherwise known as ‘module efficiency’. This is where the HIT® technology really stands out, offering an impressive 18.6% module efficiency compared to the 14-15% produced by conventional panels. The higher solar efficiency delivered by HIT® panels adds up to more power and a greater saving for you on your electricity bills.

Hotter temperatures are handled better by HIT® panels

A little known fact about solar panels is that the higher the temperature, the less electricity a panel can produce. Conventional panels are hampered by a high temperature coefficient, meaning that for every degree the temperature rises above 25º, power output reduces by 0.44-0.45%. In a hot climate like Australia, this would result in a dramatic reduction in the output of the solar panel, leaving you more dependent on traditional electricity. By comparison, HIT® panels feature much better high-heat performance with a low temperature coefficient of just -0.30%/C º.The HIT® advantage means that even in a very hot climate you can be sure your solar panel maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Anti-reflection coated glass and new tab design traps more sunlight

A brand new design featuring three tabs instead of two reduces electrical loss by making the tab-width thinner to expand the light receiving surface. These advanced solar panels also feature anti-reflection coated glass, which reduces losses of reflection and scattering of sunlight, especially in the morning and evening, when the sun is at a low position. Instead of going to waste, this sunlight is harnessed and your solar yield is increased.

HIT® panels are thin, lightweight and attractive

Your home is your castle and you want it to be beautiful. The last thing you want is unattractive solar panels detracting from your home’s value. Small and thin, with a subtle black frame, HIT® panels are designed to sit lower on your roof and be a sleek, stylish addition to your home. What’s more, the small footprint of just 1.26sqm means that HIT® panels need less roof space to do the same job as much bulkier solar panels. Weighing only 15kg, these panels also reduce load bearing to the roof.

Long-lasting quality you can count on for many years to come

We’ve spent 35 years refining our technology and our panels are relied on all around the world. In fact, we make sure that every HIT® panel is tested before shipment to confirm that it performs to the rated output. Out of the many thousands of HIT®solar panels supplied throughout Australia, not one has failed or required a warranty claim** so you can be confident HIT® panels from Panasonic will continue to deliver hassle-free performance, year after year. We’re so sure of our quality, we give you a 25-year warranty on performance of your HIT® panels, and a 10-year product workmanship warranty.

**As of May 2012

New Tab Design

Innovative 3 tab design reduces electrical loss

Outstanding Warranty

25-year performance and 10-year product workmanship warranties

100% Power Guarantee

Every Panasonic panel is tested to ensure it performs to the rated output.

HIT is a registered trademark of Panasonic Group.


HIT® 235 Watt photovoltaic module (Europe model)
18.6% module efficiency delivers more energy per square metre
Outstanding performance, even in very hot temperatures


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