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Mini System SC-MAX8000

Price (RRP)$ 1,399.00


Feel the Power of Bass

Outstanding resonance and ultra-powerful bass with AIRQUAKE BASS, a 38cm Ultra Super Woofer, and Triple Amp. Lets you customise songs, search for songs, and make requests with several smartphones using Panasonic MAX Juke App.


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Overwhelming Bass and Resonance

Overwhelming Bass and Resonance


The robust bass and resonance that parties demand have been further strengthened by the unique Bass Reflex System. This system provides eight ports to push sounds forward without losing the resonance of sounds generated from behind the woofer unit. This further amplifies the bass to produce extremely powerful sound.

A More Powerful, Clear Sound Has Been Created

Triple Amplifiers

Separated amplifiers enhance the clarity of sound at each frequency range. Vocals become clearer and crisper and the bass can be made far more powerful.

Enjoy Your Music with the Best Sound

Local Preset Equaliser

With the wide versatility of the Local Preset Equaliser, you can maximise your enjoyment of different music genres, such as rock, pop and more.

Get the Party Started with a Smartphone

Panasonic MAX Juke App

The Panasonic MAX Juke App lets you handle basic operations, adjust the illumination, and control the Scratch function. The Graphical Equaliser Control enables highly intuitive operation. You can also request songs in one shared playlist with several friends.

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Enjoy Your Music Collection

Enjoy Your Music Collection

DJ Jukebox

In addition to an internal memory (2GB) capable of storing 500 songs, the DJ Jukebox plays songs from the internal memory or a USB device with Mix Play mode. Also, you can operate playlists and play requests through the Panasonic MAX Juke App.

Disco Lights Bring the Club to Your Living Room

Prism Color Illumination

The dynamic Big Super Woofer and heavy-duty main unit glow in prism colors in sync with the music, helping the powerful sound to give the room a club-like atmosphere.


Mini System SC-MAX8000
Ultra Powerful Bass
AIRQUAKE BASS/ Triple Amplifiers
MAX Jukebox
Song Search & Request by MAX Juke App
MAX DJ Station
DJ Sampling Maker/ Prism Color Illumination



Mini System SC-MAX8000

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