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5400mAh Portable Power Supply

* Charge your tablet, smartphone, digital camera or gaming device
* Portable and lightweight with 2 USB output connections
* High/med/low remaining battery indicator
* 5400mAh battery capacity provides at least two full charges*1



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Free yourself from a flat battery with this 5400mAh (3.7V) portable charger

Mobile devices have revolutionised the way we do business and the way we spend our leisure time. From smartphones to tablets, multimedia music players or readers to digital cameras and even portable gaming devices, nearly everyone has some kind of tech toy in their bag. Despite the many joys of these devices, one thing we are all familiar with is that sinking feeling when the battery is running low. The QE-QL201TA-W portable charger lets you free yourself from ever worrying about a flat battery again.

This compact unit is ultra-portable

Whenever you need an extra boost of energy, you can charge a range of mobile devices on the go with this handy and compact unit that conveniently fits in your handbag or briefcase. It is even equipped with two USB output connections, so you can charge two devices at once. Weighing in at just 148 grams, the QE-QL201TA-W portable charger packs a lot of power into a tiny body.

Easy to recharge and use again

Recharging this product is also very easy, it is compatible with USB charging and only takes approximately 14 hours to charge*2, so you can simply put it on charge overnight and it’s ready to throw in your bag when you head out.

Free yourself

Never worry about a flat battery again

*1 Smartphone (1,400mAh internal battery). The actual charging time and frequency depends on many factors such as charge & discharge condition, ambient temperature, the condition of devices, and others.
*2 USB approx 14 hours. Number of charge cycles and charging times of the battery varies according to the type of tablet, PC, usage, environmental temperature and other factors.




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