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Touchscreen ECONAVI 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine NA-128VG5WAU

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Touchscreen 8kg ECONAVI Front Loader Washing Machine

Experience the superb washing performance provided by powerful new ActiveFoam technology. This high-tech front loader also features a stylish LED touchscreen panel for easy operation and energy-saving ECONAVI sensors.


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Highly Concentrated Foam for Superb Washing Performance

Panasonic’s ActiveFoam System turns the detergent into foam in the detergent case, where it is highly concentrated using pressurised water. Creamy foam is then vigorously sprayed onto clothes from the top of the drum before washing starts where it surrounds dirt and thoroughly lifts and removes it during the powerful washing.

* The level of foaming depends on conditions such as load size, degree of soiling, detergent type, and water pressure. However, there is no change in washing performance.

3D Sensor Wash Maximises the Effect of Tumbling Wash

The sensor detects the movement of clothing inside the drum during washing and automatically controls drum rotation speed using Inverter technology. By doing this, it ensures that heavy items are lifted to the top of the drum, and prevents light items from sticking to the drum. This maximises the power of tumble action for more effective washing.

Automatic Eco-friendly Operation

ECONAVI's three intelligent sensors automatically detect conditions of your laundry to provide optimum energy-saving, water-saving and time-saving operation.

Advanced Washing with Inverter Control

The Inverter changes drum rotation smoothly to ensure efficient, quiet operation.

Versatile Washing Programs (examples)

Versatile Washing Programs (examples)


Gentle wash for hand and machine washable wool and wool blend clothes.


Wash for underwear and machine-washable silk clothes. Gentler than the Wool programme.


Wash for heavily-soiled clothes.

Night Wash

Low-speed spin-drying, to reduce noise; wash for cotton and chemical fibres.


Daily wash for cotton, linen, and cotton blends. (E.g. T-shirts, underwear, towels, and table-cloths)

Quick 30

Rapid wash for lightly-soiled items.


Wash for infants’ clothing, table-cloths and sheets.

Elegant, User-Friendly Design

Panasonic used human-focused design in every detail for outstanding ease of use. Carefully selected materials are integrated in a simple yet stylish and sophisticated look.

Full-flat LED Touch Panel

The stylish, black panel with LED Touch Panel is quick and easy to read for operation, and selecting programs is simple with the dial.


Touchscreen ECONAVI 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine NA-128VG5WAU
Capacity 8.0kg /1200 rpm
Stylish and user-friendly design
ActiveFoam System
Separate and wash away tough dirt with foam power
Full-flat LED touch panel
Easy to read, light touch and quick response

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Panasonic Touchscreen 8kg ECONAVI Front Loader Washing Machine | NA-128VG5WAU



Touchscreen ECONAVI 8kg Front Loader Washing Machine NA-128VG5WAU

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Owner’s Manuals
NA-128VG5 Operating and Installation Instructions
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