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Microwave Oven

* 32 L capacity, 340mm turntable
* Inverter technology
* Inverter Turbo Defrost
* One-touch sensor cooking and reheating
* 1100W microwave cooking power




32 L mid-sized stainless steel Inverter sensor microwave oven

With ten variable power levels, this 1100W microwave allows different types of foods to be defrosted, reheated and cooked quickly. Features such as a 90 minute timer and 16 one-touch sensor cooking categories make the NN-SD691S easy to use. It is also easy to clean thanks to the acrylic lining.

Panasonic’s Inverter technology gives you true control

Inverter cooking technology delivers more evenly cooked food, through graduated power sequences. This accurate cooking control preserves texture and flavour, in addition to preventing food spill-over, burnt edges and uneven cooking. The Inverter Turbo Defrost system dramatically reduces defrosting times, yet significantly improves on the process itself.

Let the sensor work for you

At the touch of a button, you are able to enjoy 16 pre-programmed cooking cycles for popular foods such as chicken, vegetables, rice and fish. The sensor will automatically adjust the cooking times and power levels to suit the food you are cooking. If all you need to do is reheat, simply touch the Sensor Reheat button and the microwave will calculate the ideal reheating time.

Inverter technology

Only Panasonic’s inverter technology delivers true power and control throughout the entire microwave cooking process.


32 L capacity, 340mm turntable
Inverter technology
Inverter Turbo Defrost

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