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1.5m Micro High Speed HDMI cable

* HDMI micro connection one end, HDMI full connector on the other. Ideal for digital cameras and mobile phones
* Transmission speed of 10.2 Gbps supports Full HD 3D (1080-p), Deep Colour, 4K2K, ARC, HEC
* Ethernet capability
* Noise reduction with steel noise shield case and three-layer shielded cable
* High speed HDMI certified by licensing LLC



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Panasonic Micro High Speed HDMI cable is ideal for digital cameras and mobile phones featuring a Micro HDMI input

The new CHEU series is an ultra-advanced HDMI Ethernet cable that complies with new features incorporated into the last HDMI Specification Version 1.4, such as HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), Audio Return Channel (ARC), Full HD 3D and 4k x 2k resolution.

It is designed to connect digital audio/video sources with a micro HDMI connection, such as digital cameras or mobile phones, to digital TVs and computers.

For cutting-edge digital formats like Full HD 3D and 4k x 2k, even minor noise emissions from a cable can affect picture/sound quality via their highly integrated circuits. To correct this, this cable has added a zinc die-cast plug case to its existing triple layers of shielded cable line, seamlessly covering cable ends and blocking noise leakage.


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