Price (RRP) $ 55.00


14.4 V Li-ion cordless lantern (body only)

*Brightness of approximately 330 lux
*Adjustable handle angle (8 steps at 45° intervals)
*Shoulder strap included
*Accepts Panasonic’s 14.4 V Li-ion battery pack*




330 lux bright and fully adjustable lantern

The EY3741 B31 14.4V Lantern is a dual purpose cordless flashlight compatible with all Panasonic 14.4v Li-ion batteries, and features a 330 Lux fluorescent bulb combined with a 25 Lux LED light. The EY3741B has a fully adjustable 8 position handle and a shoulder strap and. When the fluorescent lamp is in use, it will automatically switch to the LED light if the battery voltage drops below a certain level prolonging run time.

* Battery pack is not included


Brightness of approximately 330 lux
Adjustable handle angle (8 steps at 45° intervals)
Shoulder strap included