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14.4V Cordless Sealing Gun

*4410N (450Kgf) ejection pressure
*One hand operation on/off
*5 speed electric speed control for correct material dosage
*600ml metal barrel and full metal gearbox for high reliability
*1 x 4.2Ah Li-Ion battery, 1 x charger and hard case



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This 14.4V cordless sealing gun is powerful and easy to use

This 14.4V sealing gun is perfect for all plumbing, joinery, glass installation, firestop installation and sealing applications. The EY3641LS1S57 is compact, well balanced and easy to operate for extended periods thanks to our industry leading 4.2Ah Li-ion battery technology.

We design our cordless power tools to be light and comfortable without compromising on power. This sealing gun combines advanced ergonomic design with durability to provide a reliable solution for any tradesperson with a wide range of construction requirements.

4.2Ah Li-ion Battery


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