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Passive 3D Glasses

* Passive 3D glasses with filtered lenses
* Comfortable and easy to wear
* Set of two eyewear included



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Light, comfortable and easy-to-wear passive 3D glasses

If you have found active-shutter eyewear to be heavy and uncomfortable, you are going to love passive 3D glasses. Similar to the 3D glasses used in movie theatres, passive eyewear are so light you can watch a whole movie and barely realise you are wearing them.

Passive 3D glasses do not rely on expensive electronics or batteries in order to produce a realistic 3D experience. Instead, they create the illusion of depth by blocking out different kinds of light from each eye.

The TY-EP3D10 has been designed to be fun and easy to wear. You can even comfortably slip them over ordinary glasses thanks to the convenient hooks at the temples.


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