Digital Signage Solutions

Complex Signage Solution

Designed for multiple locations, many displays and projectors are all managed centrally by a small team of operators for content distribution and remote management. These solutions run from a central location supporting multiple screens from a single user interface. The server solutions can either be hosted in the local server farm or remotely from the Panasonic server farm as Software as a Service Solution (SaaS). These optional configurations allow flexibility to support various business models, capital and operational expense considerations, and to address IT security concerns.

Applications: Out-of-home media networks, food services, corporate, education, financial, government, hospitality and retail networks

Basic Signage
  • 1-10 displays/ projectors
  • No server/monthly costs
Client-Managed Network
  • 10-100 displays/projectors
  • Server required
  • Enterprise network
Fully Managed Network
  • 100+ displays/projectors
  • Designed to end-user requirements
  • Software as a Service (SaaS - monthly management fee)

Basic Digital Signage Implementation
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