Digital Signage Solutions from Panasonic Patrons of Champps restaurants, one of the country's fastest-growing chains of upscale restaurants/sports bars, are increasingly diverted from their tempting entrees and handcrafted cocktails by the sight of professional and college sports stunningly displayed on Panasonic's high-contrast plasmas displays.

Parent company Champps Entertainment, Inc. (Littleton, CO) has invested in a substantial number of 42" and 50" professional high definition plasmas to provide its customers a level of video entertainment they are unlikely to find at home.

Two restaurants located in the Whitman Square and Penn's Landing developments in Philadelphia are exclusively equipped with Panasonic display technology, including five 50" HD plasmas and four 42" HD plasmas in each facility. Additional 50" and 42" HD plasmas have been purchased to replace the outdated standard televisions in 10 existing Champps restaurants.

The two Philadelphia-area restaurants are similarly configured, with the 50" plasmas installed throughout the approximately 8,300 square-foot restaurants and the 42" plasmas situated in two separate side-dining areas, where small-to-medium-size parties might choose to bring in their own video material to display.

Champps' Vice President of Construction and Design David Miller said, "The Panasonic plasmas are totally in keeping with our restaurants' sophisticated atmosphere. We view the plasmas as pieces of décor — much like our Warhol and Jasper Johns prints — and as such, they are aesthetically very pleasing. As we purchase additional plasmas, our thinking is to move toward the larger sizes — Panasonic's 50" and 65" HD models — as we want to maintain the 'wow!' factor with our clientele.

"We're confident in the technical achievement of the plasmas, their image quality is superb, and we feel we can count on Panasonic service, which is really the bottom line in our business," added Miller.
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