ESPN Zone Chicago

ESPN zone Chicago provides the ultimate HD sports viewing experience with Panasonic 42" and 50" HD professional plasmas

Visitors to Chicago's newly-renovated ESPN Zone are now able to experience high-definition sports viewing like never before. The downtown Chicago location underwent a conversion of all of its video displays to HD, outfitting its main viewing rooms with 52 Panasonic high-definition professional plasma displays (44 42" and eight 50" plasmas), making it the largest all-HD sports bar/restaurant in the Midwest.

The bi-level, 35,000 square foot sports entertainment complex – voted the #1 sports bar in Chicago by AOL City Guide – also boasts a 10,000 square foot Sports Arena filled with interactive sports games and attractions.

"Every day of the year we provide customers with access to high-quality sports coverage in a state-of-the-art dining experience," said Brian Hanover, Regional Marketing Manager for ESPN Zone's Chicago and Denver locations. "With ESPN and major sports coverage in HD, we wanted to continue to be on the forefront of the curve and provide our customers with the ultimate HD sports viewing experience."

ESPN Zone Chicago incorporated the Panasonic 42" and 50" high definition plasma displays in a variety of unique viewing installations throughout the facility, providing fans with a one-of-a-kind, HD sports viewing experience in every corner.

"In our studio grill, our largest dining room, we put three of the Panasonic 50" HD units in a triangular ring installation," said Hanover. "They're set back to back, so viewers have a central, large-screen view of the major games playing that day. It looks great and the colors are very sharp and crisp."

The Screening Room, described by Hanover as the "hardcore sports viewing room," includes a dramatic viewing setup with 12 Panasonic 42" high-definition plasma displays surrounding a 16-foot projection screen as the centerpiece and plasma displays around the room showing dozens of game feeds.

According to Hanover, the installation of the displays was a seamless process. "We routed 20,000 feet of CAT6e video cable, installed eight new satellites and switching equipment to receive and control the HD feeds," he said.

Production staff and daily/weekly game broadcast schedules ensure customers get continued action of dozens of major sports broadcasts. "We're very pleased with the results," said Hanover.


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