The Friedmutter Group

The Friedmutter Group Builds on the Wow Factor

Friedmutter Group Architecture and Design studios is an award-winning design, architectural, and master planning firm specializing in hospitality, casino, and entertainment projects. With six offices internationally, Friedmutter has a need not only to impress clients with impactful presentations, but connect between offices in an engaging way that encourages and supports communication and interaction between associates.

We're in the casino and entertainment business," says CEO Brad Friedmutter. "And for this reason, a big part of what we do must incorporate the 'wow' factor. We purchased the 103-inch plasma for our Las Vegas office to create a high impact way to present new projects to clients and potential clients. Having a screen as large as the 103-inch plasma helps reinforce the technological advantage we bring as consultants and supports the knowledge we have in this area. It would be difficult to talk to clients about cutting edge design and leading technologies using out-dated technology. And an added benefit of using the 103-inch plasma over projection technology is that we can walk in front of the screen without worrying about casting shadows, which we couldn't do otherwise."

Friedmutter's client list includes a number of highly acclaimed resorts and casinos, including Las Vegas properties such as Red Rock Resort Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel and the Ritz Carlton at Lake Las Vegas. Additional clients include Imperial Palace Casino Resort & Spa in Biloxi, MS , Green Valley Ranch Resort Casino & Spa in Henderson, NV, and Harrah's Atlantic City.

The 103-inch plasma installed in the firm's Las Vegas offices serves an additional purpose besides wowing clients. It's also the centerpiece of a sophisticated videoconferencing setup that enables associates in the company's satellite offices to see one another and view CAD designs and plans together. The firm recently installed a second plasma in their New York office.

Additionally, the company incorporates 65-inch Panasonic plasmas in its smaller conference rooms and satellite office locations, also for presentation and teleconferencing.


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