Rams Head Live

Panasonic plasmas enhance entertainment aesthetic at Rams head live, Baltimore's premier live music venue

Since its opening in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area, Rams Head® Live! has quickly become one of the East Coast's leading entertainment venues, presenting well-known acts from across the musical spectrum. The facility occupies 26,000 square feet featuring three audience levels, a 160-seat signature Rams Head Tavern, five bars, three food stations — and 43 high-contrast Panasonic widescreen plasma displays including 42" and 50" professional high definition models. (A large quantity of additional Panasonic plasmas were purchased and divided among five other Rams Head venues in Maryland and nearby Delaware.)

"The vision of Rams Head owner Bill Meuhlhauser is substantially above the norm," said designer Garth "Gaff" Michael. "He wanted the audience to be enveloped, to be engaged at many different levels with same superior quality of experience. The Panasonic plasmas are critical to realizing this aesthetic. Not only are they omnipresent—anywhere you're standing, you can see a plasma — they are also unobtrusive, look great, and are in keeping with the overall 16x9 design of the room."

The "three-tiered" Rams Head Live! comprises a stage level, where up to 2,000 audience members can stand, either in front of the performance area or at one of the bars. Overlooking this "ground floor" are the second level, with food stations and bar areas, and a third level, with limited seating and a VIP area. The Panasonic 16:9 HD plasma displays are installed throughout to maximize the audience's exposure to the music. The plasmas in the adjacent tavern (separated by glass from the performance area) can either display the live event or tout coming attractions. A Leitch all-digital, multi-port router carries the live video signal to all the displays.

Michael added, "The bands have loved the space. I think this is what a music venue should always be, with the physical environment engrossing the audience without being intrusive. Key to this milieu, the Panasonic plasmas deliver pristine video, and over time, running constantly, they have been extremely stable."


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