Wright State University

Wright State University builds on a history of innovation

Dayton, Ohio-based Wright State University installed a Panasonic 103-inch plasma in its Presidential Conference Room. Founded in 1967, Wright State University was named after the iconic pioneers of flight, Wilbur and Orville Wright.

At the time, the Panasonic 103-inch display was currently the largest commercially available plasma on the market, and, after extensive research, University officials chose the Panasonic 103-inch based on its size - and impact, sharpness, and clarity.

"We compared a number of plasma displays from a range of manufacturers and chose the Panasonic 103-inch," said Andy Montesano, associate director for technical operations for the college. "We never considered LCD because the off-axis image quality didn't compare to that of plasma. In addition, no LCD display was large enough to meet our needs for a long, rectangular room. We had to rule out a projector because of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. And, Panasonic was the only company that offers a display large enough to ensure that images could be seen clearly from the back and sides of the room."

Panasonic plasma display panels are critically acclaimed for deep blacks, high contrast, and beautiful color in high definition. The versatile 103-inch plasma has proven to be a popular choice in situations where the display of sharp, crisp content with high impact is required. Examples include the "CBS Early Show," Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall (Las Vegas), New York City Hall, Simon Mall Properties (NY & NJ), and the National Inventors Hall of Fame™ (Alexandria, Virginia), to name a few.

"The Presidential Conference Room is a multi-purpose room primarily used by President Hopkins and University officials to entertain guests, hold press conferences, and deliver impactful presentations to schools officials, including our Board," said Montesano. "The Panasonic 103-inch plasma gives us the ability to display a range of content types, from PowerPoint slides to full motion video, while adding a sense of style and luxury to the room in a complementary fashion."


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