Wireless Advantage

Wireless technology is revolutionizing the way business is done by connecting people in real time, across town or across the globe. Panasonic explains the positive impact it can have on productivity and profitability

The Embedded Wireless Advantage

A major obstacle mobile workers face is downtime from slow transmission speeds caused by internal and external interference. The amount of interference a user experiences varies based on a laptop's design and the quality of the wireless solution inside. Through the years, the design, development and manufacturing of Panasonic Toughbook® computers have resulted in the most thoroughly integrated wireless solution available today. Panasonic's embedded wireless solution provides a fast and reliable connection, even in the most demanding conditions.

Internal Interference

Remember when the TV screen would go fuzzy when other electrical appliances were used at the same time? The poor reception was caused by Radio Frequency (RF) interference. The same type of RF interference can happen with PC cards in laptops because they're located next to noise and heat generating components like the CPU.

Heat can cause electric magnetic interference (EMI), the noise produced by the internal circuits of the PC card. Additionally, heat results in frequency shifts, causing drop-outs in communication and less-than-optimal performance from a laptop. And with continued exposure to heat, the internal components of a laptop can degrade over time. Panasonic understands these major causes of interference and has designed Toughbook laptops in a completely different way using advanced integrated wireless technology to minimize, if not eliminate the problem.

External Interference

Panasonic Toughbook computers utilize integrated wireless technology to minimize, if not eliminate, external interference in communications. Other systems use a PC Card, situated on the outside of the computer where it is more vulnerable to getting bumped, disconnected or damaged. In fact, when PC cards are broken, the pieces can cause costly internal damages to the laptop. Additionally, PC cards are more susceptible to environmental interference in the transmission area, resulting in poor reception.

The Panasonic Embedded Solution

Most computer companies add generic wireless cards into the bodies of their laptops where the cards are exposed to both internal and external interference. Panasonic's created a better solution by designing and manufacturing its own embedded wireless antenna directly in the body of the laptop. Panasonic is the only company in the industry to design and manufacture its own antenna, a design that exceeds major carrier requirements. This proprietary integrated wireless solution helps ensure uninterrupted communications for less downtime and greater productivity.

The Toughbook Embedded Wireless Advantage:

  • Toughbook laptops are designed with embedded antennas that are shielded against internal interference caused by noise and heat.
  • Panasonic Toughbook antennas are located next to the LCD screen and away from internal components to ensure unblocked wireless transmissions.
  • Panasonic is the only computer manufacturer that designs and builds its own antennas allowing for the best wireless connectivity.
  • The Panasonic embedded antenna does not rely on an external PC card which is susceptible to damage and interference. The result is less downtime and greater productivity.
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