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We recently began using the Panasonic KX-VC500 HD Visual Communications System in three of our U.S. locations. Results have been impressive and are head and shoulders above other videoconferencing systems we've experienced over the past 15 years. We find that the combination of crisp high-definition images and realistic 360-degree sound enables us to bring groups of people together in a surprisingly casual and organic way. Facial expressions, body language, humor and other nuances of human interaction are all preserved, making HDVC meetings every bit as lively as in-person meetings. Having the ability to arrange long-distance meetings has actually enhanced collaboration with our clients because it's so quick and easy to set up an HDVC session. There's nothing quite like being able to walk into a conference room down the hall to meet with our partners in London or Tokyo and discuss a new creative idea or work out an unexpected challenge.


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