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Point-of-Sale Systems with Surveillance and Analytics

Panasonic has been a world leader in Point-of-Sale (POS) workstations for over 30 years. We have placed more than 1 million POS workstations globally, many in the world's top QSRs. We have continued to develop and refine our POS systems and today offer some of the best integrated solutions on the market.

Our new POS workstations break new ground in terms of operational capability, mounting options, modularity and energy savings. WiFi-enabled for complete installation flexibility, their open platform allows them to run virtually any operating system or software.

More information, better control

Panasonic POS systems support an array of intelligence-gathering features — including innovative surveillance options and analytics capabilities. The solution includes networked cameras, displays and video recording from Panasonic, along with facial matching, inventory control technology and more — all connected by state-of-the-art POS software.

With this system, a surveillance camera can match a drive-thru order to a specific vehicle. If there is a discrepancy with an order, through the POS software, you can quickly access the video recording of the transaction on a NVR or DVR. The POS software can also track what items are selling and alert you as to when you should reorder supplies.

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Security / Surveillance

Security that protects you and your bottom line

The POS software allows managers to search and retrieve key loss prevention metrics and access video recordings from transactions of interest. You can view any POS transaction complete with video, including time, date and specific cash terminal. Suspicious activities by customers can be identified and behavior can be analyzed to determine any safety risks, theft or property damage.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage that knows what to say to each customer

From digital menu boards tied to POS software systems, to customized networked programming, Panasonic can help you communicate with your customers to ensure maximum results and increase profits. Whether it's promotional messages to showcase menu items or custom programming that lets you sell screen time to third-party advertisers, Panasonic has the answer.

Enterprise-class digital signage platforms, including hardware, software, content creation, content management and support from Panasonic, are designed to engage the consumer and enhance the customer experience.

Digital menu board systems integrated into POS analytics software can change breakfast/lunch/dinner menu items and pricing based on inventory levels, time of day or customer traffic patterns. You can promote specific items or contests/events based on customer data. Messaging can be changed onsite or remotely across multiple locations.

Outdoor digital menu boards that are vandal and weather resistant give you the same capabilities when serving drive-thru customers. Bright LED digital signage technology assures that customers can see menu selections even in the most intense midday sunshine.


Facial matching identifies sales opportunities

Facial matching technology identifies and analyzes certain feature points of a customer's face to anonymously estimate a person's age and gender and record and predict menu choices. This marketing information, among other things, allows companies to customize menus — including constantly updating digital signage — for single unit, region or area of dominant influence based on such factors as ethnicity, seasonality and demographics. It can help determine promotion offers and predict success rates.

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Wireless Communication

Attune® II Wireless DECT drive-thru communication systems

Say goodbye to drive-thru miscommunications and lost orders. Attune II actively reduces ambient noise up to 4 times so your employees can hear your customers and get orders right the first time.

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Attune 2 QSRs

Designed for the reality of QSRs

We designed Attune II to outlast every competitor on the market, and independent tests confirm we hit the mark. Attune II can withstand 1,100 lbs. of direct pressure without failing, 300,000 twists and bends of its headband, and is completely sealed against liquids and grease.

Touch screen access to live
surveillance feeds

The Attune II touch screen, multimedia center module integrates live security camera feeds so your drive-thru operators can see, as well as hear, your customers. Designed for maximum simplicity, the Attune II center module makes system management, recording greetings, even backing up — easier than ever.
Speed service to your most important customers during peak hours.
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Multi-Deck and Dual-Temperature Refrigeration Cases

Panasonic — Preserving Freshness

Panasonic provides innovative food merchandising equipment that offers eco-conscious display solutions for groceries and food markets. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products that offer energy-efficient, maintenance-friendly, reliable and versatile solutions for display and preservation of fresh and frozen foods, dairy products, along with drinks and produce. With consistently stable temperature control, appealing visual display options and longer shelf lives, preserving freshness is the Panasonic service standard.

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A World of Heating and Cooling Products

When you think about a building as a living space, Panasonic heating and cooling products help everyone involved live better. From design to installation to operation, Panasonic provides solutions for living inside. Our line of conditioning solutions breathes life into structures both large and small. With 25 years of experience in the United States, we are consistently engineering new ideas to help build your business. By delivering multi-zone options and space-saving and environmentally friendly designs, our solutions are evolving and improving the quality of life for people everywhere.

Environmental solutions that save you money and help our planet.
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A New Dawn for Solar

With organizations feeling mounting economic and social pressure to reduce their carbon footprints, more and more companies are looking to the sun for clean, renewable energy. Not only does converting to solar power enable organizations to reduce their utility expenses, along with their environmental impact, but system components and installation are now more affordable than ever.

It pays to be the hero. Whether you’re a developer partnering with us to provide customers with seamless, successful solar conversions or an organization working to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility goals, you can do quite well by doing good.


Start Saving Energy by Visualizing Power Consumption

Install Eco-POWER METERs in lighting equipment, air conditioners and production equipment to measure power consumption and check the current status. Then, with specific targets in place, the implementation and management of an energy savings plan is quick and simple. Visualizing target achievements improves the energy usage cycle and allows for changes to be made to maximize efficiency.


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Managing your power consumption can make you more efficient and energy smart.
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Food Prep Equipment

Cooking Up Something Good for Business

Panasonic is committed to making life easier and more enjoyable. And with our microwaves, rice cookers and sonic steamers, cooking can be done smoothly and quickly thanks to an array of advanced features. Panasonic microwaves feature Inverter technology, which continues to differentiate us in the market and allows food to be cooked evenly, while maintaining nutrient content, with the same time convenience for which Panasonic is known.


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Preserving food nutrition is simple with smart technology from Panasonic.
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Business Telephones

Back Office Communication Systems

Flexible, smart communication systems are crucial for keeping your operations running smoothly. Whether communicating between restaurants, ordering supplies or handling catering/takeout calls, your phone system is the lifeline of your business. Panasonic offers a full suite of phone systems, digital and analog phones, speakerphones and in-building DECT wireless handsets that enable you to connect seamlessly.

Phones with 7-inch color screens can integrate with Panasonic IP cameras, allowing a manager in the back office to monitor what's happening anywhere in the restaurant or property right on the phone. An application is also available that lets you "talk" directly to smart phones so you can confirm, cancel or update reservations automatically on the fly.


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Handheld Devices

Remote restaurant management
with Toughpad computers

Free your managers from the office with powerful tablets that can stand the heat (and the grease) of the busiest kitchens. With the Windows® 8 Toughpad™ FZ-G1, managers can have all the productivity software of a laptop in a grab-and-go, touchscreen machine they can take anywhere. They can manage inventory, run reports, monitor surveillance cameras and even help bust lines — all with a full-powered, tablet computer that can take a
6-foot drop without missing a beat.


Handheld Mobile
Order-Taking and Check-Paying

There are a number of rugged wireless, mobile order-taking and check-pay solutions utilizing Panasonic tablets. Whether providing customer-facing product choices, in-store promotions, line-busting or convenient, quick and efficient customer bill-pay, these devices feature brighter screens for easy outdoor viewing and can withstand drops from 4 to 6 feet without incurring damage.

Handheld tablets can also notify management in regard to system health and provide servicing and other alerts. Panasonic handheld devices are the smart, reliable and economical choice to optimize service while increasing average ticket price and sales.


Line-Busting Made Easy

Handheld tablets are the ultimate line-busters, allowing you to take orders on the fly to optimize service and increase the number of customers you serve during peak hours. Ruggedized construction and a sealed, all-weather design mean years of flawless service.

When integrated with the Attune Drive-Thru Digital Communications System, Panasonic tablets make line-busting drive-thru traffic quick, easy and organized. You can also use the ordering system to facilitate inventory management.

Mobile devices that stand up to the rigors and fast pace of QSR operations.