Green Outreach

Panasonic works closely with organizations dedicated to bettering the environment. From planting trees in the Amazon to donating Toughbook® mobile computers to Wildlife Trust, Panasonic is involved with a number of major eco-conscious projects worldwide.

Creative Design Challenge

Putting the engineering and technical skills of New Jersey high school students to the test, the Panasonic Creative Design Challenge focused on environmental consciousness as it relates to design. Working with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Panasonic sponsored the contest entitled, "Beach Sweeps." Teams were challenged to design and construct a robotic device to clean up coastal shores, performing tasks such as picking up and sorting plastics and metals into recycling bins and planting sea grass in sand dunes.

Beachwalk Project

Panasonic is proud to be a sponsor of Beachwalk Project's efforts to keep global watersheds clean and raise awareness of these vital natural resources. The project is being accomplished by a team that travels hundreds of miles by foot and by kayak along coastlines worldwide.

WildLife Trust

Panasonic has donated several Toughbook mobile computers to scientists working for Wildlife Trust, which is striving to understand the links between ecosystems, wildlife and human health. Wildlife Trust researchers are using Toughbook laptops for numerous activities, from recording bird data in New York to analyzing bat recordings in the deep, humid caves of Bolivia.

Clean Action Ocean

Panasonic's U.S. employees participate in an annual event each spring organized by Clean Action Ocean to help clean local beaches. In just one year, volunteers collected nearly 304,042 items off the beaches of New Jersey. Clean Action Ocean, which aims to protect East Coast waterways through legislative and public outreach, research and clean-up events, has managed to close eight ocean dumpsites and influence several new clean water laws. The group is working to establish the nation's first "Clean Ocean Zone".

Hackensack Riverkeeper

Panasonic is proud to be a strategic partner with Hackensack Riverkeeper. A focus of Hackensack Riverkeeper's mission is to protect, preserve and restore the Hackensack River watershed in northern New Jersey and southern New York. Volunteers work on foot to clear trash and other debris from the banks of the river as well as pulling trash out of the river from canoes. Once a year, on Earth Day, Panasonic invites its employees in the area to help the organization clean the crucial watershed.

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission

In an effort to protect and enrich its surrounding environment, Panasonic has built 25 Tree Swallow nest boxes for donation to the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, as well as 3 boxes for placement around Panasonic's New Jersey campus. Volunteers assembled nesting boxes in hopes of increasing the Tree Swallow population around the Meadowlands District area.

Panasonic Eco Technology Center

In 2000, Panasonic established the Panasonic Eco Technology Center (PETEC) in Kato City, Japan, an experimental appliance recycling facility. The recycling system allows end-of-life Panasonic products to be "reborn" as new products. Approximately 670,000 appliances are recycled per year. In addition to recycling, the center performs research and development that leads to the design of new products that are easier to recycle.

Tsukuba Environmental Forum

Panasonic supports the Tsukuba Environmental Forum, which organizes environmental preservation and educational activities for youth in Tsukuba, a city located in the greater Tokyo area. The forum typically offers classes and workshops held outdoors in the forests and mountains of the region.

Eco & UD Model House

Panasonic has constructed the "Eco & UD Model House" within the Panasonic Center in Tokyo. The house offers a comfortable and abundant living environment based on the concepts of Eco (coexistence with the environment) and Universal Design (user-friendly living environments for a greater number of people). With this simulated house, Panasonic hopes to be a model for other green companies as well as future home developers.

Manaus Reforestation

Panasonic is one of many companies to take part in the effort to make sure the world doesn't lose the Amazon, the highest concentration of plant diversity in the world.

To assist in reducing pollution caused by industrialization and urbanization in Brazil, Panasonic donated 2,500 trees to the city of Manaus in the heart of the Amazon. Panasonic employees planted the donated trees throughout the city, which has been combating rapid forest depletion.

Electronic Recycling Events

Panasonic and its employees help protect and preserve the planet's ecosystem through responsible recycling of electronic products. Each year, Panasonic helps properly recycle approximately 3.3 million pounds of electronics and participates in 154 events nationwide.

World Wildlife Fund

For over a decade, Panasonic has supported World Wildlife Fund's Japan marine program -- which has launched efforts to limit the slaughter of whales. Recently, Panasonic increased involvement with WWF by sponsoring the Yellow Sea Ecoregion Planning Program, which aims to improve the waters off the coasts of Japan, China and South Korea. The region has been plagued with massive red tide breakouts, pollution and overfishing.