Recycle, Remarket, Reuse

Panasonic has a reputation for manufacturing products with much longer life cycles than our competitors. When it finally becomes time to retire one, we have several options available.


Panasonic offers a recycling program in accordance with environmental standards for products that have reached the end of their life cycles. The program is free to both individuals and organizations.

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Thanks to Panasonic's remarketing service, organizations can not only be environmentally-conscious but also save money on the purchase of future Panasonic Solution Company products. The service provides organizations with credit for currently owned Panasonic Solution Company products that can be used toward the purchase of new Panasonic products. For the Toughbook product, the service also ensures that data is wiped from the mobile computer hard drives.

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With the reuse program, Panasonic will assist customers wishing to donate their used Panasonic product.

A recent example includes the donation of Toughbook laptops to help build a library in Ghana, which will benefit as many as 300 children.

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