Healthcare Surveillance Systems

Heal safely
Ensuring the safety of patients, employees and visitors 24 hours a day can create a challenge for healthcare security staff. Panasonic can help you create a safe and secure healing environment with a custom designed, end-to-end video surveillance solution for every part of your campus – from the waiting rooms and hallways to the parking areas. We offer a wide range of integrated technologies that will not only improve security but will also boost your efficiency.

Improve your image
Panasonic has a variety of features within our camera portfolio that are ideal for hospital security. Super Dynamic imaging technology provides clear images regardless of highly contrasted lighting conditions. Other features like face detection and face matching allow security personnel to flag individuals who may pose a threat based on past behavior. The camera matches faces stored in the recorder with a face displayed on a live camera feed. Once a face is detected and matched, an alarm notification can be sent to the security team and potential danger can be thwarted.

Tailored to your needs
Panasonic offers customized end-to-end surveillance solutions that are tailored to our clients' specific needs and their budgets. Regardless of your platform, Panasonic will create a system that can utilize existing cabling and cameras while also implementing newer IP technologies. This results in a more effective and efficient security system that works with your budget.







Solutions for Security