Clearwater Cay Club

Clearwater Cay Club equips luxury villas with 700 50" and 42" Panasonic plasmas

Guests and tenants of the sumptuous waterfront units of the Clearwater Cay Club overlooking Florida's Tampa Bay enjoy an array of lavish amenities, including private charter jets, deep sea fishing boats, scuba diving boats, spa and health clubs — and high-definition Panasonic plasma displays in their living quarters. The developers of the Clearwater resort have installed close to 700 widescreen displays in the property's 336 units, with a 50-inch model in each living room and a 42-inch model in each bedroom.

Cay Club International, with headquarters in Clearwater, is in the business of creating value through the implementation of world-class waterfront resort destinations equipped with luxurious amenities. Present clubs include Clearwater Cay Club, Sarasota Cay Club FL, seven Cay Clubs throughout the Florida Keys, and an additional non-waterfront club, the Las Vegas Cay Club.

Technology Solutions for Hospitality "In keeping with Cay Club's status as an elite travel destination, management is committed to providing its guests with the ultimate in home-away-from-home entertainment, as represented by the Panasonic high-contrast plasmas," said Clearwater Cay General Manager Gary Schwarz. "The response from our guests has been overwhelming; with many saying they will now have to purchase a plasma for their home because we've ruined their ability to watch a traditional tube TV!"

Schwarz continued, "We did considerable research prior to purchase, and from industry analysts to customer reviews, Panasonic came out on top."


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