Greenbrier Resort

The Greenbrier, "America's resort since 1778," features Panasonic plasmas in guest rooms

The Greenbrier, the prestigious, award-winning resort situated amidst the beautiful Allegheny Mountains in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, boasts over two centuries of famous guests, including 26 U.S. presidents, royalty, business leaders, politicians and celebrities. A National Historic Landmark located on a gracious 6,500-acre estate, The Greenbrier offers several hundred rooms, including deluxe suites, guest and estate houses, which - as part of a $50 million renovation - are being equipped with new Panasonic widescreen, high-contrast plasma displays designed for hotels and resorts.

The Greenbrier purchased 650 37" TH-37PG9U and 50 42" TH-42PG9U plasma displays as well as 700 plug-in TY-FB9TU tuner boards (with Smart-Plug capability) compatible with the resort's existing LodgeNet Pay Per View system.

Technology Solutions for Hospitality "This major renovation represents our largest upgrade since renowned interior designer Dorothy Draper completely reinvented The Greenbrier after it was closed during World War II," said Ted Horan, The Greenbrier's Director of Operations. "Our objective is to completely upgrade our amenities with the latest technology, while at the same time preserving our prized traditions. We view the plasma TVs as the ultimate in-room amenity, especially for a clientele increasingly sophisticated about viewing options."

The Greenbrier installed the 42-inch plasmas in the resort's suites and estate houses, where the displays rest on stands placed atop dressers. The 37" models are installed in a standard room.

"The 37" plasma is tailor-made for our hundreds of standard rooms," Bird explained. "The speakers-on-the-bottom design, facilitating the placement of larger displays in a smaller space, means we can make use of our existing armoires. The resort entertains many families with small children, so we preferred the hard, scratch-resistant glass surface of the plasmas to the soft screens of standard LCD TVs."

"Panasonic's innovations include picture-enhancing technologies that produce deep, rich blacks," Bird continued. "The displays' wide viewing angle produces images that look the same throughout the room, again distinct from LCDs. Beyond being compatible with our LodgeNet system, the plasmas have excellent service connectivity and are easy to install."


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