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Pechanga Resort and Casino bets on 103-inch

Pechanga Resort and Casino is one of California's largest Indian casinos, and its 54-table Poker Room is one of the property's most popular attractions, hosting large numbers of gamers yearly. While poker is the main draw in the room, on-screen programming was employed to keep players entertained while gaming. Six overhead projectors were being used to display a range of content - most notably sporting events. The bulbs in the six projectors were regularly going out, due to 24/7 use. As the bulbs began to wear out, the projected content would dim. Eventually, the projector would display an onscreen error notification, requiring the projector to be shut down until the bulb could be replaced. Regular replacement of the bulbs was very expensive, disruptive, and time-consuming.

Technology Solutions for Hospitality Pechanga management wanted a display solution that worked with existing room lighting (which couldn't be dimmed to accommodate content playback) and would not require ongoing, expensive maintenance and upkeep. Plasma displays were initially considered, but 60-inch display sizes, which were commonly used in other parts of the casino, were deemed too small. When Pechanga management learned of a 103-inch plasma installed at Disneyland, officials visited the theme park to observe the display in action and were impressed with the 103-inch's clarity and size.

Pechanga purchased five 103-inch plasmas to replace the six projectors. The plasmas were easily mounted overhead. After installing four of the 103- inch plasmas, it was decided the fifth plasma would not be necessary. In effect, four 103-inch plasmas had sufficiently replaced six projectors. The content displayed on the 103-inch plasmas was clearer - and more visible from a distance - than the projected content, even under existing room lighting. Positive comments from customers about the room's entertainment experience increased. Management is considering placing the remaining 103-inch plasma in a high-traffic area of the casino for content playback and/or digital signage uses.


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