Panasonic Media Production Technology Solutions
Broadcasters from the smallest to the largest of media markets require ultra-reliable, cost-effective broadcast video equipment that can be relied upon day in, day out, and whatever the weather conditions. Panasonic offers advanced newsgathering solutions that provide outstanding performance for demanding environments. Panasonic's broad range of production cameras, camcorders, field recorders, and monitors perfectly match the needs of the field production applications. Additionally, we also offer a wide range of HD/SD switchers, production monitors, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, controllers, professional displays and projectors all optimized for use in studios and busy news sets.

Electronic Newsgathering Solutions

Panasonic's array of ENG solutions help both feed and record breaking news, high-profile sporting events and to document other similarly important stories. Whether it's for a one-person news crew or a multi-person news field production team working from a production or satellite truck, Panasonic has the industry proven equipment required to perform such tasks routinely and reliably.

Field Production Solutions

Working in the field is never easy as unexpected events and "surprises" often crop up at the most inconvenient time. Try integrating Panasonic's suite of field production products into those demanding field shoots. From single camera broadcast video productions to multi-camera sporting or entertainment productions, Panasonic has leading-edge solutions with unprecedented reliability and flexibility.

Studio Production Solutions

In the studio, you demand the best of yourself and your production staff; shouldn't the same be asked of your video production equipment? Integrating Panasonic's suite of products into the studio will help in running a more-efficient operation within a fast-paced environment and enable you to deliver higher-quality content.

Large Screen Display Solutions

Place your display needs in the hands of our leading-edge, show-stopping display technologies. Panasonic professional flat panel displays and powerful line of LCD and DLP® projectors deliver superb image quality and color reproduction for multiple applications within the broadcast and production environment.

Remote Video Solutions

When shooting on location, nothing can be left to chance, Panasonic's broad family of products can help you with remote video operation and monitoring, you're guaranteed to get the shot you're looking for every time.


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