Duffy Electric Boats

The Challenge: As the world's leading manufacturer of electric boats, Duffy Electric Boats produces several hundred boats each year. The company's headquarters is located in Newport Beach, California, while the main manufacturing facility is located in the high desert of Mojave, California, about 100 miles away from home base. It is often necessary for Duffy or other staff to be at the company's headquarters and factory multiple times in one week, sometimes even in one day. The 200-mile round-trip drive has resulted in high fuel bills and lost on-site work time. Additionally, the company's factory is comprised of several buildings that house specific manufacturing processes for boats, spread out over six acres of land. Having to visit each manufacturing building every time there is a problem or design question means that valuable time is taken out of the day, resulting in a decrease in overall productivity of staff, which can hold up the manufacturing process.

The Solution: In order to maximize employee efficiencies and lower travel costs, Duffy needed a solution that would allow him to communicate more quickly with employees, even when he couldn't physically be on a specific worksite. The Panasonic HD Visual Communications System allowed for Duffy and other staffers to be in multiple locations in one day, without having to make the 100-mile drive from headquarters to the Mojave factory location. Additionally, it meant spending less time moving from building to building on the six-acre factory location. "Having this remote system that can go into different buildings at our factory location is phenomenal," noted Duffy. "Employees can show me exactly what their design problem or suggestion is, and we can work out the right solution on the spot, without me having to travel from headquarters to the factory or trek across the expansive factory grounds."
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