Farenheiht 212

The Challenge: Fahrenheit 212’s global client base makes frequent, in-person meetings, so critical to their success, an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Fahrenheit 212 thought a videoconferencing solution might be one way to solve this problem and a few years back purchased a system from a company with an established presence in the market. While serviceable, that solution proved not quite up to par. Connecting with other parties meant multiple, tedious tests prior to meetings along with a complex configuration of cables and adaptors. Once live meetings were finally underway, Fahrenheit 212 found it difficult, if not impossible, to enrich them with supporting media such as content from a laptop. Further, the stationary, standard-definition camera was restricting and didn't convey a feeling of personal connection among the participants — a critical element in Fahrenheit 212's proven collaboration strategy.

The Solution: A Panasonic HD Visual Communications system completely changed the way Fahrenheit 212 leveraged video conferencing technology. "As I was taking the Panasonic demo system out of the box, I thought to myself, "hmmm... this is certainly different," said Jose Cruz, IT Operations Director. "First of all, it came with an HD pan/tilt/zoom camera, which I hadn't expected, and also a second, HD sub camera that you could hold and move around. The connections were simple and intuitive, and I could picture how everything fit together before we actually set it up. What also surprised me was the help I got from Panasonic. I was able to speak directly with a Panasonic engineer, which was pretty impressive," said Cruz. "Other companies would hand me over to various third parties depending on the component in question, which is a hassle.


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