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Marketing Werks Prefers Toughbook 52 Notebook with Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Built-in for Mobile Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Find a laptop that can stand up to the abuse of constant travel and hundreds of consumer interactions a day. Support that laptop with an exceptional mobile broadband solution that provides coverage in major metropolitan areas and remote rural locations.

Panasonic Toughbook® 52 laptops running custom software, connected with Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Built-In.

The Toughbook 52 with Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Built-In reduced laptop failure rates from more than 50 percent with standard, non-rugged laptops to less than 3 percent with Toughbook computers. The company has received excellent Mobile Broadband coverage on the Verizon Wireless 3G network, which has increased productivity while helping employees stay connected.

Marketing Werks’ field staff is primarily on the road, executing events that range from large-scale mobile marketing experiences to guerilla marketing demonstrations and on-the-spot promotions. The company uses a direct approach, reaching out to consumers where they live, work and play, to get its clients’ products in the hands of consumers.

Wirelessly enabled laptop computers are essential for the majority of the company’s events. It originally used standard laptops (non-rugged) with PC cards but quickly ran into problems.

“With our initial batch of notebooks, we saw a failure rate of more than 50 percent,” said Matt Stadt, senior manager of technology at Marketing Werks. “These laptops were a huge drain on us. Every time one failed, it meant hours of extra work for the IT Department and missed daily reports from our employees on the road. Plus, our customer support calls with the laptop manufacturer sometimes took up to 45 minutes just to reach a live person.”

Matt went on to say that when standard laptops were tossed into a truck, or as equipment shifted while driving, the laptop screens could crack. Worse yet, the cracked screens could not be replaced, forcing the company to purchase completely new laptops whenever this occurred.

Since some of the laptops were consumer-facing at marketing events, employees also saw keys plucked from the keyboards. While only a cosmetic issue, the Marketing Werks IT Department also had to replace entire keyboards whenever it experienced this problem.



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