With an online store that features over 2,000 first aid and safety products ready to ship the same day an order is placed, MFASCO customer service reps needed the ability to get quicker answers regarding inventory and shipping status. Because they’re adjacent to the warehouse, the only way to give a customer an accurate answer to an inquiry was often to put the customer on hold and walk to the warehouse or shipping department. The problem with this method, though, was that it kept the customer waiting. Mark Brinker, VP of Sales and Marketing, explains. "Customer service advisors are constantly leaving their desks to walk back to the warehouse and verify if a particular knee brace is in stock or how many rolls of athletic tape are in a bin. We’ll sometimes do this a couple of times during one call. As a result, our customers were having to wait longer than they preferred while our service reps were getting tied down to the phone. What we needed was some kind of mobility solution that would work with a hosted phone service so they could get up and take the phone with them."

In this case, the Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System combined with Vocalocity hosted service was the perfect solution for MFASCO. The system delivered all the features of a big-business phone system but without a costly hardware investment. Cordless handsets have given MFASCO customer service reps the freedom and efficiency they were looking for. "Now, they can walk back to the warehouse to check on inventory or shipping status while keeping the customer on the line," says Brinker. With the Panasonic Cordless Phone System, the base unit and handsets can communicate with each other via DECT wireless rather than have the conversation routed through the system which consumes a line. Brinker says this system keeps the lines of communication open. "We like that the base unit can communicate with the handsets and vice versa without tying up an outside line. We have three lines but if all are busy, the customer service rep can still page the shipping department with an urgent change." And with Vocalocity, the reasonable, flat monthly fee made it affordable.

Another key factor? Quality. Brinker says, "The battery life is good and the range surprised us. We regularly walk up to 100 feet and transmission is strong and clear with excellent sound quality."

The Toughpad FZ-R1 Mobile Point-of-Sale. Fast. Secure. Rugged. Reliable.

Close the sale before the sale walks out.



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