Mobile Enforcement

Mobile Enforcement
Wireless public safety solutions allow for real time monitoring and capturing of evidence that ensures people and property stay protected. Panasonic wireless applications range from traffic cameras to patrol vehicles and everywhere in between. Aside from a fast connection, 4G LTE cameras have the unique ability of being able to be placed anywhere remote monitoring may be required, such as dangerous environments that require inspection. What's more, 4G LTE cameras also have the ability to travel any distance while maintaining a connection, allowing all video data they capture to be transferred in real time back to the main monitoring station a safe distance away.

e-Citation Solution

Tens of millions of citations are issued each year. However, many officers still rely on the dated pen and paper method which is slow, inefficient and costly. Since paper citations must eventually be entered into a computer system, it creates duplication of work and leads to data entry errors. Electronic citations eliminate the errors and illegibility commonly attributed to the manual transfer of information from paper to computer—improving the efficiency of the ticketing process by reducing officer errors.

To help manage the process with speed and accuracy, many law enforcement agencies rely on Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers. The Toughbook solution incorporates a convertible handwriting tablet, eliminating the need for paper ticketing. With integrated 3G and 4G wireless technologies, officers can instantly upload an e-citation from the field to the court system, removing multiple process steps, saving time and money for the city and eliminating potential complaints of illegible handwriting and ticket fixing. Infractions are documented wirelessly, and citations are issued quickly and efficiently, ensuring citation accuracy and allowing officers more time to patrol their community.

For officers on motorcycles and bicycles, where space for a computer is at a premium, 'Panasonic offers ultra-portable Toughbook and Toughpad solutions. With both solutions, National Crime Information Center (NCIC) information can be accessed wirelessly, enabling the officer to check offender and vehicle history in real time. The wireless feature also allows citations to be uploaded to a central server, eliminating the need for data entry. The Toughbook and Toughpad computers incorporate daylight-viewable touch screens for fast and easy data entry, and the rugged design allows them to be used in all weather conditions. When combined with a compact printer, Panasonic's mobile computing solutions eliminate the need for handwritten ticketing, while still remaining small and light enough for use on a bicycle.

Mobile Carrier Inspection Solution

Law enforcement officials are less productive when forced to rely on outmoded paper-based forms and records for conducting commercial truck inspections. Paper-based systems slow the issuing of citations, create endless paperwork, demand labor-intensive data entry and make accessing vehicle and driver records difficult. Today's law enforcement officials need a lightweight, rugged computer that can quickly access records, issue citations and transmit updates to the Department of Transportation (DOT) database.

The Panasonic Toughbook® solution for mobile carrier inspection utilizes integrated wireless LAN and mobile broadband. This enables officers performing commercial truck inspections to access and transmit information in real time to a database to determine if a violation or criminal activity is involved. Built with a magnesium alloy case, Toughbook computers are designed to withstand moisture, dust, drops, vibrations and liquids so it won't fail, even in the harshest outdoor conditions. The hi-resolution, daylight-viewable touch screen lets officials quickly access and enter information, even in direct sunlight. When used with portable printers, citations can be issued and entered quickly into the system for easy tracking.


The job of the U.S. Capitol Police is expansive, requiring them to protect far more than the U.S. Capitol Building. The department is responsible for preventing, detecting and investigating criminal acts, and enforcing traffic regulations throughout a large complex of congressional buildings, parks and thoroughfares. In addition, U.S. Capitol Police are charged with protecting members of Congress, officers of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives, as well as their families. Capitol Police serve these individuals within the District of Columbia and throughout the entire United States, its territories and possessions worldwide. It's a job that demands coordination between the capitol's many law enforcement and security agencies, including the FBI, Secret Service, Park Police and the Washington, DC Police Department. Like so many other law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Capitol Police are under-funded and ill-equipped, yet Capitol Police must work around the clock in all kinds of weather, and their computing systems must do the same.

The U.S. Capitol Police deploys Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers to help protect lives and fight crime more effectively. Embedded wireless technology enables police officers to instantly access information, such as vehicle data and crime records that can be critical in apprehending criminals. Because Toughbook computers have durable magnesium alloy cases, moisture resistant keyboards, shock-mounted hard drives and internal dampeners that protect against vibrations, they stay operational longer with less downtime and fewer repairs than competitors' computers. This not only results in a lower total lifecycle cost and return on investment, but also translates into a more effective law enforcement agency that serves a high target area.


The Arbitrator 360* HD delivers unmatched image quality and 360-degree recording.




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