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VariCam 2700s, P2 HD Handhelds and Shoulder-Mounts Used for Coaching Shows Airing on FOX Sports South, Football Coaching Analysis, Game Web Streaming

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As the University of South Carolina's (Columbia, SC) Gamecocks prepare for the 2011 football season, sports journalists are predicting a repeat of the team's historic 2010 SEC East championship win and beyond. The Gamecocks' coaching and player accomplishments are already being documented with AJ-HPX2700 P2 HD VariCamĀ® camcorders, which are being utilized to shoot the coaches' show that, beginning August 28, will air Sundays on FOX Sports South.

Gamecock Productions' two P2 HD VariCams will also be used to shoot coaches' shows for men's and women's basketball and baseball, all of which are likewise broadcast on Fox Sports South. In a complete overhaul of production from tape-based standard-definition to tapeless high-definition, Gamecock Productions (the Athletic Department's full-scale production arm) also invested in three AG-HPX170 P2 HD handheld camcorders and an AJ-HPM200 6-slot P2 Mobile recorder.

In addition, Gamecocks' football is also using four AG-HPX370 P2 HD shoulder-mounts for coaching analysis. Gamecocks Productions tried out the HPX370s in the months leading up to its purchase of Panasonic equipment last spring.

The HPX170s are used for diverse coverage of the university's Olympics sports and support web streaming of a growing number of sports, including men's and women's soccer, volleyball and softball. The HPX2700s are being deployed for marketing campaigns, intro videos for stadium and arena boards, and overall specialty and stylized shooting as well as for the coaches' shows. The P2 Mobile will be used to record games from network TV trucks at home and away, and also as an ingest station.

"The HPX2700 is indispensable for its distinct filmic look, robust sensor, off-speed shooting, advanced gamma settings and gorgeous color saturation," said Paul Danna, Director of Gamecock Productions. "Given its extreme versatility, it has quickly become our main event camera."

Gamecock Productions is maximizing the HPX2700's potential, shooting in AVC-Intra 100 and making extensive use of the camcorder's variable frame rates. "We can simply adjust the P2 VariCam to get the outcome we want, whether it's raw game action, epic slow motion, generic or so on," said Justin Stoll, Associate Director of Gamecock Productions. "We are also taking a look at the camcorder's proxy data recording, which would let us transmit away footage over a smart phone to a production assistant at home, who could be editing B roll while a game is still underway."

Stoll said that the P2's fast workflow has streamlined production, especially when a quick turnaround is requisite. "We cut the football coaching show after the Saturday game for Sunday broadcast, as well as produce a two-and-a-half-minute sight and sound video for the web site," he said. "Especially with our recent investment in two AJ-PCD35 five-slot P2 drives (which can transfer content from up to five P2 cards simultaneously), we anticipate a three hour or under turnaround for both shows."

Gamecock Productions edits on Avid Media Composer. For more information about University of South Carolina athletics, visit

About the VariCam 2700

The VariCam 2700 delivers stunning film-like recordings with solid-state's exceptional reliability and fast workflow to excel in today's demanding production environments. Equipped with three full 1-megapixel 2/3" native HD CCDs, the VariCam 2700 records pristine, independent-frame 1080 and 720 images using advanced AVC-Intra 100 and AVC-Intra 50 compression, supported by the industry's leading nonlinear editing systems. The camera also records in the widely supported DVCPRO HD format. Offering a full range of variable frame rates, from 1 fps to 60 fps (in 720p mode) in single-frame steps, the VariCam 2700 provides precise control for overcranking and undercranking for fast and slow motion effects. For more information, visit

About the AG-HPX170

The AG-HPX170 is an ultra-mobile P2 HD handheld camcorder featuring full, 4:2:2 independent frame production quality HD and solid-state recording. Building on the AG-HVX200 series' phenomenal success, the lighter HPX170 is fully solid state (no DV mechanism), and comes with a host of enhancements including a new 1/3" progressive 3-CCD imager system, wider Leica Dicomar 13X lens, an HD-SDI interface, metadata input and management, and a 5-year limited warranty (with registration). The HPX170 has two P2 card slots and records in 20 HD and SD formats. Its enhanced 1/3" progressive 16:9 3-CCD imager delivers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, lower noise/smear, and exceptional low-light performance. High-end features like Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) allow for better control over highlights and shadows in run and gun situations. For more information on the HPX170, visit

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