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From helping to maintain vehicles and optimize fuel usage to authenticating deliveries and providing turn-by turn driver instructions, Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers work hard at every node—and for every transportation mode—of the supply chain.

Onboard Computing Solution

For carriers and shippers, every mile and every nickel counts—especially with high fuel costs and just-in-time delivery schedules. Gone are the days when drivers were left to determine their own routes and fuel or rest stops. Today's transportation management solutions require tight control of all these factors as well as the ability to monitor freight in transit.

Rugged and durable Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers are right at home on the road. They are resistant to shock, vibration, liquids and extreme temperatures, and can be mounted in a variety of positions in the truck cab. With a variety of wireless communications options, including WiFi and cellular—plus GPS satellite capability—Toughbook mobile computers are rarely out of touch with the home office. They make it easy to provide instructions and status information to drivers, including turn-by-turn directions to lowest-cost fuel stops or to a new customer's warehouse. Built-in touch screens also make it simple for drivers to interface with the in-cab systems. And since Toughbook computers run the full Windows® operating system, it's easy to integrate modern communications and information technology systems into vehicle cabs.

Whether it is turn-by turn driving instructions, telematics, routing or tracking, Toughbook mobile computers are the best way for shippers and carriers to optimize every mile. They are the right choice for the long haul.

Route Delivery and Courier Solution

The bar has been set high for route delivery and courier personnel. Customers expect the highest standards in timeliness, tracking and proof of delivery. When outdated technology or faulty mobile computers contribute to informational errors or delays, customers become dissatisfied and disputes or legal complications can arise.

Savvy route delivery and courier managers are outfitting their teams with rugged, lightweight and feature-rich Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers. A full Windows® operating system works in tandem with integrated wireless features to give delivery personnel the ability to access, enter and transmit data, from their vehicle or the customer's facility. A variety of inputs, ranging from electronic signature capture to image and barcode scanning, are available. That means proof of delivery, time stamping and traceability are all enhanced by these full-function, rugged devices. Facilitated by the built-in GPS capabilities, turn-by-turn instructions and other driver aids are also available.

Toughbook mobile computers are packed with features that make them ideal for delivery and courier personnel. These include: long-lasting batteries, high drop ratings, magnesium alloy casings, shock-resistant hard drives and much more. But these devices are more than tough—they are practical. Many models come with built-in handles and/or handstraps for superior portability and touch screens for easily navigating software. In addition, a wide variety of mounting options allow Toughbook mobile computers to be used in the cab safely and ergonomically.

With versatile Panasonic Toughbook computers, delivery and courier personal get more done with fewer problems—while presenting a professional, contemporary image to customers.

Transportation Management Solution

Customers expect the right products to be delivered at the right times—without being damaged. In today's high-performance, high-demand market, companies cannot afford to be surprised by undetected and unresolved transportation problems. Lack of visibility and poor communications can lead to problems in the yard, on the road and at the warehouse dock.

To help streamline the movement of goods up and down the supply chain, Panasonic has developed a full line of Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers to give manufacturers, third-party logistics providers and corporate shipping managers the tools they need to better manage their transportation networks. Combining the power of a full Windows® operating system with drop- and spill resistant engineering, long battery life and shock-mounted hard disks, Toughbook computers provide drivers with a fully-rugged system that withstands the rigors of the road.

Built-in wireless connectivity and daylight-viewable touch screens make it easy for drivers to record and communicate the status of shipments and deliveries, giving companies real time visibility into the flow of goods and the availability of resources for dispatch. The Toughbook computer's GPS capabilities and RFID support allow transportation managers to track and trace the location of trucks and trailers. This means schedules can be optimally set to reduce loading and unloading times as well as decrease miles driven.

Panasonic's Toughbook mobile computing solutions help companies in the transportation business better manage miles as well as costs.


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