Toner Cartridge Recycling

Panasonic's strategic direction incorporates concern for the environment into all aspects of the product life cycle, from product development to energy saving designs; from greater product reusability to waste-conscious packaging practices.

We currently recycle certain popular fax toner cartridges:
UG-3220      UG-5520
UG-3221      UG-5530
UG-3313      UG-5540
UG-3350      UG-5570
UG-5510      UG-5580

Toner Back Label

Simply package the used cartridge in the original box and affix the prepaid UPS "Authorized Return Service" label that was provided with the cartridge when it was purchased. Include your name and address on the label. Shipping is FREE.

If you have a spent UG-3220, UG-3221, UG-3313, UG-3350, UG-5510, UG-5520, UG-5530, UG-5540, UG-5570 or UG-5580 cartridge, and no longer have your ARS label, please click here to request a replacement. Please be sure to include your mailing address.

  • Many local schools and youth organizations such as the Boy Scouts collect toner cartridges as fund raising programs.
  • Many office supply centers offer in-store toner cartridge recycle drop off service.
  • To locate recycling/reuse centers for toner cartridges, please visit the following web sites:
    • USPS - Your local post office may provide free toner recycling shipping bags. To recycle your used cartridges place them in the original carton and place inside of shipping bag. Contact you local Post Office for more details.
    • SMART RECYCLE - Company provides free toner recycling services to consumers and the business community. Proceeds collected from toner cartridges can be donated to various non-profits.
    • EARTH911 - Site provides lists of recycling centers in your area. Click on electronics recycling and select toner cartridge, type in your zip code and a list of participating organizations is displayed.
    • STAPLES - Offers the InkDrop Program which accepts Panasonic Fax and Printer cartridges from selected models.
Our entire line is Energy Star compliant. The Energy Saver system significantly reduces the power consumption when the machine is in stand-by mode.

1The web sites mentioned are for informational purposes only and are not endorsed by Panasonic.


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Panasonic does not have an in-house recycling program for other model numbers. If you have a model number other than the ones listed above, please refer to one of the options suggested on the previous internet page.

In addition, waste toner is classified as a non-hazardous waste. If your machine has a waste toner cartridge, the entire waste toner cartridge can be placed in a plastic bag and disposed of with normal office refuse. If available, please consider using local recycling options.

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