Wireless FAQ

What is Gobi?
Gobi is the first multi-mode (CDMA/EV-DO and UMTS/HSPA) embedded wireless solution for mobile computers, giving users the ability to easily connect to major wireless carriers. Through the Panasonic® Carrier Selection Application (CSA) software platform, the need to physically switch out various single-module, carrier-specific modems to choose a different carrier has been eliminated. Gobi-enabled Toughbook® mobile computers can access AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless wireless networks with one wireless device. Using the CSA, users are able to select the best carrier for any geographic area or switch carriers
What does Gobi do?
With new Gobi™ mobile broadband from Qualcomm®, Panasonic Toughbook mobile computer users can connect globally using Panasonic's next-generation wireless computers. (Valid carrier contract required.) Users can take advantage of high-speed 3G mobile internet networks to increase productivity and reduce downtime, while securing a reliable connection virtually anywhere a cell phone can be used
What are the benefits fo a Gobi-enabled Toughbook computer?
The benefits to owning a Toughbook computer with the Gobi module embedded include having fast, secure, wireless connectivity built-in and the flexibility of changing major carrier networks without having to uninstall and re-install carrier-specific modems. On mobile computers equipped with Gobi modems, choosing a wireless carrier can be done after the computer purchase
What carriers are supported?
AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless in the U.S. all work on a Gobi-enabled Toughbook computer, as well as a number of major carriers in Europe
How do I select carriers?
a. By using Panasonic's Carrier Selection Application (CSA) users can select a wireless carrier. The CSA stores all major carrier connection managers on the hard drive of a Toughbook computer, therefore allowing users to access and select the required connection manager for each carrier at any time.

b. CSA software can be downloaded from the Toughbook Support site at panasonic.com/toughbook/support. After logging in, select "Downloads". The Panasonic CSA software can be found in the "Mobile Broadband (WWAN) Connection Software" section.
How do Gobi-enabled Toughbook laptops benefit IT professionals?
Before Gobi, global connectivity required multiple SKUs and network cards as well as complex inventory procedures, making system management a challenge. But, with Gobi, IT administrators only have to contend with a single SKU for all regions and no external cards, lowering IT procurement, qualification, support and management costs.

Using the Panasonic Carrier Selection Application (CSA) software platform, time-crunched system administrators can manage the wireless accessibility of entire fleets of computers based on the preferred carrier for each region. Toughbook mobile computers enabled with Gobi™ mobile broadband will reduce the challenges and hassles of retrieving computer units out in the field simply for the purpose of updating the wireless solution.
What frequencies and carriers are supported?
Region Frequency Band (Mhz) Carrier
North America 850 AT&T,Sprint and Verizon Wireless
1900 AT&T,Sprint and Verizon Wireless
International 2100 GSM/3G Networks
900 GSM/3G Networks
1800 GSM/3G Networks
Which Toughbook computers are Gobi equipped?
The business-rugged Toughbook F8, T8 and W8; semi-rugged Toughbook 52; fully-rugged Toughbook 19 and 30; and ultra-mobile-rugged Toughbook U1, H1 Field, and H1 Health are available with Gobi-embedded modems.

What is a SIM card and what is it used for?
Subscriber Identity Module (SIMs) are integrated circuit cards used in Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) devices (e.g., phones, PDAs, modems) to hold information for the authorized user. SIMs contains mobile phone number, phone book and registration information. GSM subscribers have the flexibility to change devices by switching SIMS between devices
Can I roam internationally and how do I get international access?
Requirements for international access vary by carrier. Below is an overview of international wireless access information for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

  • For AT&T customers, you will need a SIM card for domestic and international travel. A SIM card for AT&T is currently being included in the box for all Toughbook computers. If you did not receive a SIM you can contact AT&T at 1.866.302.5443 to secure a SIM or for general questions.
  • For Verizon Wireless customers there is no SIM card required for domestic service, however for those who signed up for Global Services with international roaming you will need to provision an appropriate SIM card to use this service internationally. To secure a Verizon Wireless SIM, please call 1.888.740.9888 or contact your Verizon Wireless representative.
  • For Sprint Worldwide Services visit www.sprint.com/international, (http://shop.sprint.com/en/services/worldwide/worldwide.shtml?ECID=vanity:international ) and click the Chat With Us link on the right. The online rep will assist with acquiring what is needed to keep you connected around the world. A SIM card is required for service in some destinations; see your computer's documentation for location and access instructions for installing a SIM in your computer.
What is the advantage of using an embedded WWAN modem?
Laptops provide the portability that a desktop computer doesn't, so choosing an embedded WWAN modem is a natural extension of that choice. Having portability without sacrificing connectivity means applications and data can travel where needed the most, all safely and securely
Why is now the right time to get a WWAN modem with a Toughbook computer?
Applications, websites, email and applets are very feature rich and packed with content. As such, a WWAN embedded modem over today's 3G wireless broadband networks, combined with Toughbook performance, means office productivity even when away from the office
Why is a WWAN modem embedded in a laptop better choice than a PC Air Card?
A few of the advantages of Toughbook's embedded modem:

  • Heat build up generated from PC Air Cards and poorly located WWAN modems in a laptop could lead to software instability. Therefore the WWAN modem in a Toughbook is physically located away from the motherboard. This ensures that any heat generated from the modem is not compounded by the heat from the motherboard.
  • The modem itself is only operational when you are connected to the wireless carrier's network, otherwise the modem can be turned off, conserving the battery. PC Air Cards are "hot" as long as they are inserted.
  • Because the antenna is internalized in the laptop the overall reception is superior to a PC Air Card. This also ensures that the antenna cannot get lost.
  • The warranty of the embedded modem lasts just as long as the Toughbook-3 years. A PC Air Card warranty is typically 90 days to 1 year.
Is data sent across the internet though a wireless carrier secure?
a. Data transmitted over a wireless carrier's network is encrypted with 128 bit encryption, which is a very secure pathway for data.

b. Wireless carriers offer additional data security measures that can be customized to specific needs. A Panasonic distributor can be contacted to assist in getting additional security requirements established.
Once a Toughbook computer is ordered with embedded WWAN, how is the modem activated?
A Panasonic distributor will arrange for the activation of the embedded modem. If the customer who made the laptop purchase already has an account with a wireless carrier, the service for the embedded WWAN modem will be added to the existing account. If an account does not already exist, a Panasonic distributor will create a new account and provide activation details of the service once it begins
What are the advantages to having GPS in a Toughbook computer versus a hand held devices or wireless phone?
a. Mobile device users can enjoy a screen size that's unmatched by portable devices or wireless phones.

b. 3D mapping, an improved way of orientating users to where they want to go, is easily rendered because of the processing power of the Toughbook laptop.

c. Real time location based service integrates with many field service dispatch/automation applications.

d. Because Panasonic integrates the GPS technology within the Toughbook, there is only one asset to track, one device to install in the vehicle and one warranty needed to protect the investment.
What are the benefits to a WiFi enabled laptop?
WiFi enabled computers utilize a local wireless modem for connection to the internet and email instead of relying on traditional cabled network systems to be connected. This allows laptop users to always be connected to a network without the need to be physically docked or plugged in for access. Many office setting today have replaced traditional cabled network systems with WiFi. A WiFi network can also be set up at home enabling laptop users to be connected from anywhere in their home
What are WiFi Hot Spots?
These are places where a WiFi enabled Toughbook can be used to access the internet, email, etc. Normally access to Hot Spots is provided free of charge to patrons of a business that provides access
What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth allows a laptop to connect wirelessly to peripheral devices like cameras, printers, phones or headsets, instead of being plugged in. Bluetooth is capable of making these connections for a range of approximately 10 meters
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