Wireless Public Safety Solutions

Wireless public safety solutions allow for real-time monitoring and capturing of evidence that ensures people and property stay protected. Panasonic wireless applications range from traffic cameras to patrol vehicles and everywhere in between. Aside from a fast connection, 4G LTE cameras have the unique ability of being able to be placed anywhere remote monitoring may be required, such as dangerous environments that require inspection. What’s more, 4G LTE cameras also have the ability to travel any distance while maintaining a connection, allowing all video data they capture to be transferred in real time back to the main monitoring station a safe distance away. With stadium gate Smart HD cameras, you have the ability to utilize face detection and matching software that can instantly locate a suspicious person or reunite a child separated from his or her parent. And with 3G or 4G, you can connect wirelessly anywhere a wired Internet connection exists.


Electronic citations eliminate the errors and illegibility commonly attributed to the manual transfer of information from paper to computer—improving the efficiency of the ticketing process by reducing officer errors. With integrated 3G and 4G wireless technologies and optional Gobi™ 2000 mobile broadband, officers can instantly upload an e-citation from the field to the court system, removing multiple process steps, saving time and money for the city and eliminating potential complaints of illegible handwriting and ticket fixing. Infractions are documented wirelessly, and citations are issued quickly and efficiently, ensuring citation accuracy and allowing officers more time to patrol their community.