Wireless Technology

Panasonic Technology Solutions for Wireless and Mobility

Panasonic Toughbook® computers are at the forefront of a new wireless age that's enabling business to communicate in real time, across town or across the globe. The rugged reliability of Toughbook mobile computers, combined with advanced integrated wireless technology, provides a total wireless solution that's helping business increase productivity and profitability.

Toughbook Advantage for Wireless

In a competitive business world, companies need a reliable computing solution they can count on. Panasonic is the only wireless mobile computer manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own antenna, which exceeds the leading carriers' wireless network requirements.

Panasonic's dedication to designing and manufacturing the finest mobile computers results in the highest level of reliability and performance for its users. This manufacturing and design investment results in minimal downtime, a low total cost of ownership and high return on investment. Get a free demonstration of Panasonic's Toughbook ROI Evaluator and see the financial advantages of deploying a reliable mobile computing solution.

Pushing the Limits of Wireless

Panasonic is always pushing wireless capabilities to the limit for your business. Housing the world's largest anechoic chamber, complete with a 10-meter test range and 3D antennae measurement system, we're dedicated to delivering an unmatched wireless experience to our customers, as validated by the certification of our products by our esteemed carrier partners.

Security & Reliability

As a core manufacturer of wireless products designed from customer feedback and built from the ground up, we supply reliable wireless solutions that ensure our products provide the flexibility to operate wirelessly around the globe, while enabling secure access to data through class-leading security solutions. The result is a strong, secure connection on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and mobile broadband that allows effortless, safe communication in real time for higher efficiency and productivity for your business.

4G: Seamless Connectivity and Migration

Panasonic and its partners are proud to connect you to the next generation of wireless freedom. With the speed and reliability of 4G, your business will grow in ways you never thought possible, allowing you to connect faster and in more places.

Wireless Solutions At Work

No matter what your business requires, Panasonic is prepared with a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance your operations.
Whether communicating in the field or across the globe, reliable wireless products from Panasonic ensure you stay mobile and important information is always at your fingertips. If your business relies on wireless solutions, you can depend on Panasonic — no matter where you are.
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