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Panasonic is pleased to announce the first Toughbook Tested mounting solution for the Toughbook H1. The docking solution has passed rigorous product testing to ensure it lives up to the highest performance standards of Toughbook mobile computers and will provide dependable performance in a medical environment. See what customers are saying about the Toughbook H1 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA). Learn more about how mobile technology is changing the way doctors work in the latest blog by Greg Davidson, senior business development manager for healthcare. Check out the full lineup of Toughbook healthcare computing solutions.

Featured Product Toughbook Dock

Universal Mount for the Toughbook H1

Gamber-Johnson's Universal Mounting Solution is the industry's only Toughbook Tested and approved Toughbook H1 universal mounting solution docking station. What's more, its VESA compliance makes it compatible with nearly any medical cart or wall mount.

Like the Toughbook H1, Gamber Johnson Universal Mounting solution is made from polycarbonate for easy sanitization and durability, and features a one-handed grab-and-go design for quick release and fast, secure docking. If additional security is desired, the Toughbook H1 can be locked into the mount with a key.

Gamber-Johnson's H1 Universal Mounting Solution offers full connectivity to monitors and peripheral devices, secure locking and storage, and access to Toughbook H1's barcode reader and SmartCard reader (even while mounted). Now that's a smart solution.

Toughbook Dock "We are excited at Ergotron about the new Toughbook H1 universal mounting solution docking station. This solution dramatically increases the versatility of the H1 product for caregivers allowing it to be wall mounted for easy charging or attached to the back of the cart for mobility and ultra mobility"

-Steve Reinecke, Global Director of Healthcare for Ergotron.

What customers are saying...

"The Toughbook H1 has made a significant impact in the efficiency of our nursing staff. With the H1, nurses can access critical patient information and document a patient's condition and vital signs at the bed side, eliminating the need to manually input hand-written nursing notes into a computer, search for patient files and possibly repeat work that may have already been completed.

Not only has the H1 increased productivity, it has also improved the quality of patient care, which is most important to us. Since patient information gets stored in our system in real time, nurses no longer have to worry about lost information, delay in data input, or miscommunication of critical information – all of which are common causes of medical errors.

We looked at other MCAs but selected the H1 for its superior durability, hot-swappable batteries, untethered wireless G capability and fully-sealed design and dual-touch screen. We are very happy with our choice."

–Doug Darby, Director of Information Systems Pioneers Memorial Hospital


Panasonic toughbook solutions for healthcare

When it comes to Healthcare, Panasonic is leading the way in delivering innovative, dependable mobile computing solutions. All Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers include advanced wireless technologies and are equipped with legendary rugged features that make them ideal for the fast-paced, challenging healthcare environment. Versatile and dependable, Toughbook computers can be found in many different healthcare applications, from ambulances to nurses' stations. Here are the Toughbook products designed for healthcare:

Toughbook T8
Toughbook T8

• Spill Resistant keyboard
• Light-weight
• Ergonomic
• Touchscreen
Toughbook H1
Toughbook H1 - Mobile Clinical Assistant

• Fully sealed, rugged design
• Integrated features: camera, barcode scanner, RFID reader
• Full shift battery life
Toughbook 19
Toughbook 19

• Fully Rugged device
• Laptop-tablet convertible
• Touchscreen
Toughbook 52
Toughbook 52
• Semi-Rugged and powerful
• Ideal for cart-top solutions

To learn more about the full healthcare product line register for the online web seminar: Which Toughbook Mobile Device is Right for My Healthcare Project?

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Toughbook Hosted Free Webinar
Which Toughbook Mobile Device is Right for My Healthcare Project?

When: Wednesday, September 2 @ 3:30pm EST

Join Greg Davidson, senior business development manager for healthcare, for a discussion of the Toughbook healthcare models that are ideal for a wide range of healthcare applications including: the operating room, the emergency room, medical administration/positive patient identification, cart-based computing, home health/ hospice and mobile blood collection.

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Greg Davidson Photo In a recent blog post on the site, Greg Davidson discusses the growing number of doctors performing house calls, the role mobile technology plays in this phenomenon and a few topics organizations should consider before equipping their mobile healthcare professionals.

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tough testimonial

DataSource Mobility Logo "As a value-added reseller that caters to the healthcare industry, we focus on best-in-class technology solutions that deliver the best TCO possible to our customers. The Toughbook H1 fits these qualifications perfectly. It's a unique product that is able to meet so many different needs, functioning as a tablet, desk and wall mount, and a cart solution. The device also features hot-swappable batteries so the it lasts longer than one shift, is completely sealed and is tested against drops, spilled liquids, vibration and dust. It also features a cleaning reminder system to alert the user to wipe it down.

It's difficult to find a product that is pleasing to various departments in healthcare, but Panasonic has created one with the Toughbook H1."

-Bill Pressler, Managing Partner, DataSource Mobility


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