Oil & Gas Software Partners


@hand provides enterprise mobility solutions that help pipeline operations maintain, inspect and track assets. The company's solutions provide field teams and Toughbook® users with workflow-specific applications to track essential information such as work orders, equipment and location of materials. Working with @Hand, pipeline customers can enhance existing processes and design new ones to help ensure adherence to local, state and federal regulations.



Absolute Software

Absolute Software's Computrace® suite of software products provides a robust, multi-layered security solution for oil and gas companies. They help address issues of regulatory compliance, data protection, computer theft recovery and asset tracking. The application is embedded directly in the BIOS or firmware of a Toughbook mobile computer. Once active, it enables oil and gas companies to track and recover stolen computers and delete data remotely to protect confidential information. This solution runs seamlessly and transparently on Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers without compromising the computer's operation.

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A leader in geographic information system (GIS)-based solutions, ESRI provides oil and gas personnel the ability to manage and analyze large amounts of location-based information. ESRI's GIS technology stores data in a geo-database and allows geologists, drilling foremen and other users to visualize trends critical to oil and gas exploration, production and pipeline maintenance. Further, multiple organizations can coordinate efforts and maximize resources by sharing computer-generated maps on a network or the internet.



Mobile Epiphany

Mobile Epiphany is a software development company that creates enterprise-class mobile solutions that improve workflow and productivity across a variety of industries. In particular, the company's Touch Inspect™, a geospatially-intelligent, asset inspection and data collection technology, works with Panasonic Toughbook® computers to dramatically improve worker efficiency, user adoption, data accuracy and decision making from the field. Touch Inspect has been developed using the best practices of software function and graphical user interface design, and is infused with innovations from video game interface theory and navigational awareness precepts.


Reality Mobile

Since 2003, Reality Mobile has been advancing mobile video and data sharing technology. Today, the company provides the world's most comprehensive and easy-to-use mobile collaboration platform. Built on industry-standard infrastructure and operable on wireless networks including cellular and satellite, Reality Mobile's software allows enterprise organizations and government agencies to collectively visualize high-value assets and share data on Panasonic Toughbook® computers with colleagues anywhere in the world—in real time.




Syclo offers the most comprehensive family of prebuilt mobile products on the market today. Built on its flagship development platform Agentry™, Syclo's rapidly deployable SMART Mobile Suite runs on a variety of mobile devices, including Panasonic Toughbook computers, and supports real time wireless and offline computing. SMART is used by hundreds of organizations to improve productivity and streamline workflow for field service teams, sales organizations, maintenance groups, engineers and inspectors. More than 750 organizations across industries, including utilities, oil and gas, government, field service, asset management and manufacturing, in 37 countries have deployed Syclo's mobile software.



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